Ultimate Emergency Hammer

What is resqhammer

This innovative and versatile emergency hammer features a sleek, modern design with a unique shape and knuckle guard.

The stainless steel hammer head easily breaks car side windows, and the razor-sharp blade cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts. Easy to install in your car with its mounting bracket, it can be attached to various locations inside your vehicle to ensure it will be within reach “When seconds count…”.

Ingeniously, the versatile resqhammer even allows you to snap in your resqme® tool for maximum protection during emergency situations.

4.5 Stars

Customer Reviews

It works!

"Eyewitness News Reporter was able to easily break the driver’s side window from the inside using resqhammer!"
- ABC13 (Houston KTRK)

Main Features

Brand new safety tool • Breaks car side windows • Cuts jammed safety belts
Ergonomic design for a sturdy grip • Additional safety with knuckle protection • Snap-In the resqme® tool


1. Pull Out From Clip.


2. Sharp Protected Blade.


3. Powerful Steel Spike.

Voice of the People

Testimonials from our customers

“I've had the keychain version of the resqme® for several years. This is the perfect complement to it if you want a full size hammer."

Makes a perfect pair with the keychain version

“The resqhammer Modern Emergency Hammer is a tool with a fairly unique design that looks as though it could be very useful in an emergency situation.”

Well-Designed and Unique

“Emergencies happen! Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to break a window or cut your seat belt in order to escape, resqhammer will be there for you.”

Every car should have one

“This is something everybody should have in their car, and the resqhammer is a high quality product. It is weighted perfectly and feels great in your hand.”

Always plan ahead... just in case


Where to Place Product

resqhammer conveniently comes with a sturdy bracket which attaches to your car dashboard, console or side panels for quick accessibility.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:

    6.5L x 3W x 0.75D (in.) | 16.50L x 7.60W x 1.90D (cm.)
  • Weight:

    3.3oz | 95 gr
  • Materials:

    Polypropylene plastic | Stainless Steel


Product Usage and Guidelines

resqhammer Quick Demonstration

resqhammer Live Reporting

resqhammer Demonstration

warranty-badge Your purchase includes a 5 year product warranty.

Attempting to use resqhammer on any material besides tempered glass such as metal, laminated glass, etc. will void the warranty.