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What is resqhammer

This innovative and versatile emergency hammer features a sleek, modern design with a unique shape and knuckle guard.

The stainless steel hammer head easily breaks car side windows, and the razor-sharp blade cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts. Easy to install in your car with its mounting bracket, it can be attached to various locations inside your vehicle to ensure it will be within reach “When seconds count…”.

Ingeniously, the versatile resqhammer even allows you to snap in your resqme® tool for maximum protection during emergency situations.

Main features

Breaks car side windows • Cuts jammed safety belts
Ergonomic design for a sturdy grip • Additional safety with knuckle protection • Snap-In the resqme® tool


1. Pull tool from bracket.


2. Cut seat belt at 45˚ angle.


3. Hit tool head into the bottom window corner.

Where to place product

resqhammer conveniently comes with a sturdy bracket which attaches to your car dashboard, console or side panels for quick accessibility.





Rated 5 out of 5


Great tool! The design is very modern and it looks great in my car. Comfortable to hold and easy to use. A must have in all cars! I feel a lot safer knowing this is in my car.

2 reviews for resqhammer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nancy from Indianapolis

    Great tool! The design is very modern and it looks great in my car. Comfortable to hold and easy to use. A must have in all cars! I feel a lot safer knowing this is in my car.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hanna Hartnell

    Excellent product. A question, tho. I dropped the steel tip and it ‘went off’ and I was able to reset it by pushing the black end. But, I don’t think the ‘spring load’ feature works now. Is it a one time breakage feature and then finished? Thanks

    • resqme, Inc.

      Hello Hanna,
      Thank you for taking the time to review the resqme tool and to inform us about your issue. The resqme car escape tool has a one year warranty, and the request form can be found at resqme.com/warranty . We would be happy to help you resolve this issue and make sure you have a reliable tool.
      Have a good day,
      -the resqme team

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Technical specifications

  • Dimensions:

    6.5L x 3W x 0.75D (in.) | 16.50L x 7.60W x 1.90D (cm.)
  • Weight:

    3.3oz | 95 gr
  • Materials:

    Polypropylene plastic | Stainless Steel

Frequently asked questions

The resqhammer™ tool is effective only against clear and tinted tempered glass. Tempered glass is commonly used in rear and side car windows. The resqhammer™ tool does NOT work on laminated glass. Laminated windows which are typically used for windshields can also be found on some car models. To check to see what your side windows are made of, locate the sticker on your side windows to see if it is designated as “Tempered” glass. If you are unable to locate the sticker or the information is not understandable, please call your car manufacturer. You can find a list of some vehicles equipped with laminated windows in the US at: http://www.epgaa.com/applications/index.asp. This list is not comprehensive so we recommend contacting your car manufacturer directly.
Most sunroofs and rear windows are tempered. To figure out what kind of glass is in the side window of your car, you can look in the bottom corner. There may be a label that says “tempered” or “laminated.” If not, roll down the window and look at it from a bird’s-eye view. If it’s smooth and looks like one piece, it’s tempered. If it looks like a sandwich with a ridge, it’s laminated.
Yes. The spike can be used multiple times. The blade is very durable and can easily perform multiple seat belt cuts.
If you’re going to test the window breaker on a car glass window, be sure to wear safety gloves and goggles. Alternatively, you can test the window breaker on a hard surface like a notepad or a piece of wood. You will see a small dent where the tip of the spike met the testing surface after contact with at least 12 lbs. of pressure. The seatbelt cutter blade is very sharp and will easily cut through seatbelts. Hold the seatbelt tape taut and pull the tool toward you, cutting it diagonally.
The TSA has not evaluated the resqhammer tool nor listed it on the forbidden items list. Due to its size and design, it does not show up in X-rays. However, considering it contains a blade, we recommend you pack the resqhammer tool in your checked luggage to avoid the risk of confiscation.


Your purchase includes a 1 year product warranty. Attempting to use resqhammer on any material besides tempered glass such as metal, laminated glass, etc. will void the warranty.


resqhammer is designed solely for use in vehicular emergency situations and must not be used for any purpose other than rescue. Does not work on windshields. Only for tempered glass.

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