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What is protectme®

The protectme® pepper spray is a handheld aerosol canister with maximum strength & UV marking dye that sprays an irritating formula in the eyes, nose and mouth of a person threatening your personal safety. Legal to carry in all 50 US states, it is an effective means of non-lethal self defense for people concerned with safety and security.

Used by police departments, security agencies, and individuals concerned with security and self defense.


Main Features

Made in USA  •  Maximum strength (0.7% of major capsaicinoids)  •  Unique UV marking dye  •  Always available when seconds count!  •  Quick release plastic case  •  High performance: 25 bursts up to 10 feet!  •  4 year shelf life!



1. Turn cap to “firing” position.


2. Press firmly to release the first burst.
3. Spray horizontally to assailant.


4. Aim eyes first then nose and mouth.



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Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions:

    3.5L x 1W x 0.80 (in.) | 9L x 2.54W x 2D (cm.)
  • Weight and Content:

    1.2oz | 32 gr – net 0.5oz |15 gr
    0.5Fl oz |15ml
  • Materials:

    Polypropylene plastic | Metal
  • Formulation:

    10% OC (Olearesin Capsicum)
    0.7% MC (Mayor Capsaicinoids) Level ll
    UV Marking Dye
  • Range:

    Up to 10 feet (3 meters)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the pepper spray effectively up to 10 feet away from the assailant.
The shelf life is 4 years from the date of manufacture – Double the industry average!
Maximum strength (0.7% of major capsaicinoids)
The protectme is a Level II pepper spray with 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) and 0.7% MC (Major Capsaicinoids).
Though legal in all 50 States, some areas have specific regulations pertaining to the purchase, possession and use of defense pepper sprays. The following states each have varying restrictions: CA, FL, HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY & WI. We suggest that individuals also familiarize themselves with their local laws. Defense pepper sprays are meant for defensive purposes only and can only be sold to or used by persons 18 years of age or older.


resqme, Inc. assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for damages or loss resulting from the specific use or application made of the products. This warranty is void after the expiration printed on your product. Be sure to verify your product is still valid before use.

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