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Our story

20+ years of experience

Laurent Colasse, fondateur de resqme, Inc.

rNous sommes fièrs de célébrer nos 20 ans! Fondée en 1998 par Laurent Colasse, Resqme, Inc. a pour objectif de fournir aux conducteurs et à leurs passagers la tranquillité d'esprit en fabriquant et en distribuant des outils de sécurité innovants et fiables.

Notre outil d'évacuation de voiture, le resqme® est fabriqué aux États-Unis et a été initialement adopté par les premiers secours avant de s’étendre au monde de l’entreprise et du consommateur. Porté par plus de 4 millions de personnes dans plus de 45 pays, il sauve en moyenne une vie toutes les deux semaines.

En 2017, Resqme, Inc. s'est développée avec la création de sa succursale, Resqme Europe, dont le siège est à Nantes. En Europe, notre objectif est de créer un système de distribution plus efficace et de devenir le centre de recherche et développement pour toutes nos futures solutions de sécurité digitale.

resqme Inc. 718 East Mason Street Santa Barbara, Californie 93103, États-Unis

Pour aider davantage ceux qui sauvent des vies sur la route, nous avons créé la Fondation resqme, organisation à but non lucratif qui soutient les efforts de sécurité routière en finançant des programmes éducatifs, des bourses d’études, des recherches et des événements. Nous sommes fiers d'être partenaires de KidsAndCars.org et d'autres organisations à but non lucratif qui sensibilisent le public à la sécurité routiere. En savoir plus sur notre fondation sur www.resqmefoundation.com

Nous avons été récompensés par de nombreux prix et par les médias sur Good Morning America, ABC News, USA Today, The Doctors, Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports et plus encore. Plus qu'une entreprise, nous sommes fiers de faire partie d'une communauté bienveillante de premiers secours, de pompiers et de héros de tous les jours.

Meet the team

We strive to provide the best service

Laurent Colasse

Originally from France, moving in the early 90s to the U.S., Laurent Colasse is an American autodidact entrepreneur. Self directed, his passion in life helps him apply a positive attitude towards any challenges he faces. He has driven resqme Inc.’s business by creating simple and functional concepts that could make a difference in people’s lives, influencing them to become socially responsible for their safety and others. Already awarded at multiple events and with widespread media recognition for his inventions, Laurent is a visionary, aiming the company to be a global brand standing with its newest tagline: Make Safety Your Priority…

Enrick Duval

Director of Operations, SSGB

Enrick Duval is our Director of Operations, in charge of the coordination of the production and distribution process and ensuring the smooth day-to-day business operations. He was born in Paris, France where he spent most of his childhood. Enrick graduated in 1999 with a MSc (Master of Science in Management) from the French Business School (ESC Amiens). During his studies, he spent a semester at the Department of Business Studies at the Uppsala University (Sweden) Work opportunities brought him to the US in 2000, where he worked as the Business Development Manager at the French American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, CA. After a quick break back to France, Enrick returned to sunny California and joined resqme, Inc. in 2002. Enrick worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager for 10 years before jumping to the other side of the business into operations. Enrick is Certified in Six Sigma (SSGB) and completed the CPIM training. In his free time, Enrick loves to spend time with his wife, son and daughter. He enjoys cooking with his family and friends and is passionate about traveling, camping, photography, and martial arts.

Veronique Taylor

Director of Sales & Marketing

Veronique Taylor is our Director of Sales & Development. Véronique grew up in a small village in Normandy. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Rouen. Then, she integrated the Management School of Lyon and graduated with an MBA in Marketing and Sales. She then spent a year travelling around the world and began her career in sales and marketing in France. Very creative, her journey naturally brought her to become a fashion designer in the USA for over 12 years. An interesting opportunity has recently allowed Véronique to return to her first career working in sales and development for resqme, Inc. During her free time, Veronique is passionate about organic dyes and antique textiles.

Hubert Duboc

Deptuy Director

Ryan Dougan


Ryan Dougan works within the Finance and Inventory departments at resqme, Inc. Born in Ventura, CA, Ryan began his career in finance after taking an Accounting class early on in college and loving it. Diverting from a future of standard tax return preparation, Ryan came on board in 2014, excited and willing to expand his knowledge and skills within a larger, international company. While not at work, Ryan loves spending time with his daughter.

Jessica Whitney

Operations Coordinator

As the Operations Coordinator at resqme Inc., Jessica has the pleasure of working with each department of the company. While under the umbrella of Operations, her position serves to create a working bridge between sales, order processing, warehouse logistics and accounting to ensure communication, work flow and successful order processing for our customers. Jessica has worked for multiple web based companies in Kansas and California with a strong background in customer care and administrative operations.  Being a Southern California native, Jessica enjoys all hobbies outdoors such as swimming, camping, hiking and backpacking. As the proud mother of an amazing young son, wise old dog and curious cat, Jessica keeps very busy and enjoys every minute of it.

Paul C. Brummett

Interface Engineer

Paul C. Brummett joined the resqme team in December of 2015. Creatively self titled, Paul serves as our Interface Engineer, with over 15 years experience in the industry as a webmaster. His daily role includes everything website and multimedia related. “When it comes to the web, we can do anything..!” These are the empowering words that act as a platform to our success. Paul moved from Indianapolis to Santa Barbara in 2012. He enjoys a very active lifestyle including but not limited to weekly camping, hiking, cliff jumping, 4 wheeling, 2 wheeling, dancing, laughing and all things adventurous. He loves to travel, eat amazing organic food and explore life with friends and family.

Patricia Neubauer

Sales Manager

Patricia is our Sales Manager here at resqme, Inc. She was born in Potsdam, Germany where she graduated from the University of Potsdam with a degree in Sports Management. After that she came to New York on a Sports Scholarship for Track & Field and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Manhattanville College in New York. She joined resqme in 2016 after working in the field of International Business Development in New York concentrating on the German market. During her spare time she is training to compete in the Ironman triathlon.

Benjamin Duprat

Digital Media Analyst

Ben moved from France to the US in 2012 after getting his Master’s Degree in marketing strategy. With a background in digital marketing and project management, he previously worked in various industries such as nutrition, health and wellness and 3D printing. Ben joined the resqme, Inc. team in July 2018 as Digital Media Analyst. During his spare time, he enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring what beautiful Santa Barbara has to offer.

Cesar Diaz

Warehouse Associate

Cesar was born in Iguala in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. When he was 20 years old, after working on his family's land, he decided he could better help them in the United States. He came to Santa Barbara and has been working for resqme, Inc. for the past 13 years. Cesar is in charge of preparing orders for shipment, and customers’ satisfaction is important to him. Cesar loves to play soccer and spend time with his family and friends.

Cesar H. Diaz

Warehouse and Logistics

Cesar was born in El Limon Jalisco, Mexico. He came to the United States when he was 8 years old and moved to beautiful Santa Barbara 2 years later. Shortly after High School, Cesar started working at a local warehouse and worked his way up to become the QC Inspector and Lead Coordinator there. During his spare time, Cesar enjoys barbecuing with his family and friends by the pool. He joined resqme, Inc. in September 2014.

Rigoberto D. Narvaez

Warehouse Associate

Mission & values

Grow a caring community

Our advocacy for safety at resqme, Inc., is dedicated to making things right for the best interest of all, an attitude in life to care, to be safe and to be prepared for everyone’s peace of mind! Our goal is to make safety trendy by providing simple solutions that can save lives when seconds count…!

We are committed to staying a leader in the latest safety technologies for drivers across the globe. We value our customers’ satisfaction and regard their well being in the highest as we continue to provide reliable products that improve automobile safety in our communities.

Core Values
resqme, Inc. is passionate and knowledgeable about life saving solutions when seconds count…! We are more than just a company. We are part of a worldwide community of first responders and drivers alike. We are committed to the safety of our customers and the reliability of our product and we want this commitment to show in everything we do.

Our success in fulfilling our vision is measured by customer trust and satisfaction, team member happiness and excellence, improvements in the field of the safety as well as local and larger community support.

Quality & commitment

Products you can trust

resqme, Inc., is a dynamic leader in the quality safety business. We are a mission-driven company that aims to set the standards of excellence for safety suppliers. We are building a business in which high standards permeate all aspects of our company. Quality is a state of mind at resqme, Inc.

Our goal is to continue selling the highest quality products we possibly can by maintaining our industry leading standards. The quality of our products and services reflects the power of resqme, Inc., The pride we take in what we do and what we make possible. We are passionate about people, product, community, and outstanding service. We are committed to serve our customers through innovation, continuous improvement, a focus on customer safety, and a dedication to meet those needs wherever they happen to be.



Nous avons la confiance et le respect de nos clients car nous nous différençions efficacement de nos concurrents et exploitons les normes de la marque resqme, Inc. en tant que défenseur d'une qualité élevée en matière de sécurité. Nous savons que, ce faisant, nous transformons les clients en porte-parole de notre entreprise. Les avocats font plus que d’acheter nos outils de sauvetage; ils parlent de resqme, Inc. à leurs amis et à d’autres personnes. Nous voulons servir nos clients avec compétence, efficacité, savoir et avec soin.

Foundation & causes

Spread safety through awareness

Resqme, Inc., après avoir servi la communauté mondiale de la sécurité routière pendant plus de dix ans, a créé la fondation Resqme afin de soutenir davantage ceux qui travaillent pour sauver des vies sur la route. Resqme, Inc. fournit des outils de sauvetage aux premiers intervenants et aux conducteurs soucieux de la sécurité en cas d'urgence automobile. Quand les secondes comptent ...!™ Cet outil est le résultat d'un engagement en matière de sécurité routière et de préparation aux urgences. Le piégeage et la submersion de véhicules sont des menaces réelles. La fondation resqme poursuit le travail de resqme, Inc. en vue de fournir des informations de sécurité importantes concernant ces dangers. Nous espérons que la Fondation resqme, en collaboration avec diverses organisations dédiées à la même cause, pourra faire la différence 3 étapes de sauvetage (télécharger le fichier .pdf) une norme universelle en matière d'immersion dans les véhicules d'urgence. Ce n'est qu'ensemble que nous pourrons sauver plus de vies.

Levée de fonds
Nous nous efforçons d'aider dans la communauté autant que possible. Nous aidons à collecter des fonds pour des événements depuis plus de 10 ans. Nos objectifs sont d'aider ceux qui ont besoin d'aide et de faire passer le message. La collecte de fonds avec nous est extrêmement facile et vous travaillerez personnellement avec un de nos représentants pour assurer le succès de votre événement.

ashleyFonds commémoratif ASHLEY NEUFELD
Le 1er novembre 2009, Ashley Neufeld, 21 ans, ainsi que deux autres amis de la Dickinson State University dans le Dakota du Nord, sont malheureusement décédés dans un tragique accident. Leur véhicule tout-terrain s'est écrasé dans un étang de ferme du comté de Stark, dans le Dakota du Nord, et a été submergé avec les trois jeunes femmes encore à l'intérieur, incapables de s'échapper. En conséquence, en l'honneur d'Ashley, une fondation a été créée pour collecter des fonds avec Resqme, Inc., un outil de sauvetage porte-clés 2 en 1, qui est ensuite rapidement devenu le symbole de la sécurité pour toute une communauté.

En Amérique du Nord, 400 personnes par an meurent dans 
un véhicule submergé. L'opération ALIVE (immersion automobile: Lessons In Vehicle Escape) est un processus continu d'enquête visant à fournir des informations sur comment s'échapper d'un véhicule qui coule en fonction de sa catégorie qui se produisent avec différents types de véhicules ( fourgonnettes, camions, équipement lourd, etc.) en été et conditions hivernales.


resqme, Inc. is a proud partner of the non-profit organization KidsAndCars.org (KAC) dedicated to preventing injuries and death to children in or around motor vehicles.

Every year an average of 37 children die from heatstroke inside of vehicles. Together we can help educate the public on the dangers of children and pets dying from situations just like these. Donate to their cause to help spread this education and make everyone aware of the dangers that exist. For more details visit KidsAndCars.org