Practical uses:

  • Alerting Others: Notify those around you of potential danger.
  • Call for Help: Use the whistle as a powerful signal for assistance.
  • Warning Signal: Emit warning sounds to alert people in your vicinity.
  • Attention-Grabber: Attract attention during emergencies.
  • Deterrence: Discourage potential offenders, ensuring your safety.
  • Notification of Authorities: Alert officials swiftly about the situation.

Assembled by veterans and people with disabilities.

Whistles for Life

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  • Powerful 120 decibels emergency whistle. Provides the ability to be heard in life-or-death situations. “If you can be heard, you can be rescued!”
  • Professional quality: Made in the USA of the strongest ABS plastic. Waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Multi directional sound with 3 chambers. Sound discernable by rescuers over environmental noise such as howling wind, rushing water, machinery or emergency vehicles.
  • Hands free mouth grip. Meets anti-choking standards for children
  • Keychain feature. Customizable with a logo (for businesses only with quantities over 160 units)
  • Protects in extreme emergency situations such as entrapment in the aftermath of a disaster and during everyday life activities such as: running, hiking, trekking, dating, exercising, or during outdoors activities such as camping, skiing, rock climbing. Ideal for isolated situations or professions, and professional rescuers.
  • A must have rescue whistle for: survival and disaster preparedness, self-defense, and workplace and campus safety.
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What is Whistles For Life?

Industry-recognized emergency whistle

Whistles for Life’s whistles equip you with the most important tool for being found in a life-or-death situation: the ability to be heard.

Whistles for Life has the only whistle on the market that can provide a full spectrum of sound frequencies from a single blow of the whistle. The key to our whistle’s loud, distinct sound is in its three-chambered design: two pea-less side chambers that produce omnidirectional sounds at different frequencies, and a center chamber with a waterproof pea that produces a powerful 120-decibels staccato sound. This whistle can be heard over large crowds, emergency vehicles, water, and other natural noises to alert that help is needed.

This shatterproof whistle is made from high-impact ABS plastic which makes it extremely durable and strong, and the waffle grip was added to ensure a firm grasp in almost any condition. With Whistles for Life’s universal locking clip, you can be assured that your whistle will always be with you during any emergency situation.

Main features

A powerful safety whistle designed for survival

Our whistle was designed and tested by search and rescue professionals to produce the most effective and reliable safety whistle on the market. The founder of Whistles for Life, Bob Cameron, has 55 years of experience as a search and rescue specialist and served several years in the United States Air Force. He designed this whistle specifically to fit the needs of search and rescue teams, the United States Coast Guard, and injured or lost persons.

Used by top safety programs in the USA

This whistle is used by numerous safety professionals nationwide in search and rescue, law enforcement, the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, boating safety groups, the U.S. Military, and more.

We are proud to be the official whistle of the National Association for Search & Rescue (NASAR) and the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC), and the only official “Smokey the Bear” whistle in the world.

Technical specifications

    • Material:      High impact ABS plastic
    • Width:         1.38″ (35mm)
    • Thickness:     20mm (at thickest point), 10mm (excluding pea barrel)
    • Loudness:      118 – 120 dB
    • Pea diameter: 8mm

Custom Branding and Packaging

Customized to meet your needs

Whistles for Life can customize your whistle to fit the specific needs of your brand or program.

The domed jewel on the face of the whistle can be customized with your company’s name or logo. This branded label is made from a UV-resistant self-healing resin, which increases the durability and longevity of the jewel and will preserve and protect your logo from fading over time.

Custom ‘Dome Label’ A

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For bulk orders and wholesale inquiry, please contact us at

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4 reviews for Whistles for Life


    Great Product

  2. Mary Marsden c/o Libby M.

    I was sent the wrong product. Instead of whistles, I was sent the window breaker/seatbelt cutter tools.

  3. Carol

  4. Maureen6864

    The perfect item for a key chain. It is light weight so it won’t be too heavy to use on a key chain. It is soooo loud. It is the perfect safety item for everyone.

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