Animals bring us a special kind of joy each day they’re with us, whether that be security, comfort, physical and emotional support. With as much positive benefits our pets give us, we as their owners must take the responsibility to ensure their safety and well being as well.

Our Pets love to join us everywhere we go, even when we find ourselves in a hurry with daily life obligations. It is common to be unable to bring them inside the store while running errands or in a building that does not allow pets. This is how the danger of leaving our furry companion in a parked car begins. Just like humans, animals are very sensitive beings, and staying in a hot car, where the temperature can be rising by the minute, puts them in immense danger.

Even on warm days with a cool breeze, people often assume that rolling down the car window will help with controlling the temperature inside. A Stanford Medicine study (1) demonstrated how when it is 72 degrees outside, a car’s internal temperature climbed to 116 degrees within one hour. This information further confirms that studies show how cracking the windows on a car has little effect on a vehicle’s internal temperature.

Every year we’re reminded how high temperatures in cars can cause animal health damages and may even lead to deathly situations. Every year, PETA reports statistics on their site about animals who have died after being left in hot cars per state (2) .

To avoid these dangerous situations, its important to become aware with the tactics and resources that can be implemented as prevention.

Always Keep in Mind:

1. Do not leave an animal in a vehicle unattended, even when the windows are rolled down.

2. Call for help if you see an animal in danger and showing signs of distress while entrapped in a vehicle.

Signs of animal distress may include (3):

  • Wide eyes.
  • Fervent barking.
  • Intense scratching or digging at windows or doors trying to escape.
  • Excessive panting with exaggerated long tongue.
  • Extreme drooling, salivating.

3. Vow to help protect animals who may be a victim of car entrapment.

4. California legislators recently passed the Right to Rescue Act, which, as of January 1st, 2016 allows concerned citizens who see dogs left in a hot car to break in to save the animals’ lives (4).

5. The Resqme® Car Escape tool helps break the car window in case of emergency and when seconds count!



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It seemed as if it was yesterday that we started the year of 2021. Yet, here we are well into the month of May, almost at the half-way point of the year. Time sure does fly.

With the previous year of 2020 being a halt in routine and normalcy for all- to say the least- the dilemma many of us are dealing with now may be the yearning to stay up to date with post-pandemic life goals, that may have been put on pause, all while continuing to keep up with the daily demands life. The fear of defeat, sadness, despair, and as well as fearing the unknown, are often the issues that take a mental toll on us- especially all while dealing with the obstacle’s life puts in our way. According to NAMI©, studies are shown that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental illness during their lifetime; the on-going of the pandemic shows people who had never experienced challenges with mental health before, finding themselves struggle with it for the first time.

This past month of May of has been shining a light on the important matter of mental health, and is recognized nationally as Mental Health Awareness Month. It is beneficial to recognize the impact mental health has on every individual, including ourselves. The personal and external challenges faced with, along with the resistance that comes in between our own selves, are issues us as people are all in a constant battle with overcoming. We may often feel alone or helpless when dealing with challenges. We may have feelings of despair or even no reasoning on why we feel the way we do, during these difficult times.

At Resqme, prevention is one of the main objectives as a company we stand by implementing in our daily lives. And although physical prevention is normally the subject at hand, mental health prevention is as important to be of discussion.

Tips on improving Mental Health Awareness:

  • Be in tune with yourself daily on how you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Check in on your peers and loved ones on how they may be feeling.
  • Try to recognize the obstacles that does not serve you in a positive way and try eliminating them from your life.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help if your mental or physical state is impacting you negatively, whether that be asking someone you trust to help you or professional help.
  • Make sure to give yourself daily breaks and mental check-ins. Partaking in a mental or physical activity that brings you a sense of regulation and relaxation for your mind may benefit your overall self.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself and others. Being an ally towards ourselves and others is the first step toward positive mental health prevention!

It may be of difficulty to solve the issues that are at hand in our day to day lives; being able to recognize within ourselves and those around us that we are all capable of feeling vulnerable and deal with the various type of mental health strains, is the first step in striving for positive breakthrough towards mental health awareness. Be kind to yourself and others, and let the awareness of positive breakthrough towards mental health follow you all throughout this year!



distracted driving texting resqme

As phone usage behind the wheel has become the cause of increased fatalities on the road, it is necessary to remind drivers to be responsible and what are the consequences of distracted driving.

What is distracted driving?

The NHTSA defines distracted driving as any non-driving activity that occurs behind the wheel. It identifies the three types of distracted driving as:

  • Visual: Taking your eyes off the road
  • Manual: Taking your hands off the wheel
  • Cognitive: Taking your mind off driving

There are many studies out there compiling alarming data when it comes to drivers’ behaviors. For example, In January of 2021, The Zebra reached out to American drivers to understand the habits they engage in behind the wheel of a car (1). While many claim they never drive while distracted, others admit to engaging in many other behaviors while driving, including texting.

  • 52.5% of respondents reporting eating while driving, down 4.2% from last year’s respondents. Other behaviors include:
    • Texting (23.6%)
    • Taking photos (11.7%)
    • Applying makeup (6.5%)
  • 3.4% admitted to drinking while driving!

Here are 4 key numbers we should all be aware of when it comes to distracted driving.

  • Every year, distracted drivers are responsible for about 2.5 million car crashes (2).
  • It takes the brain 13 seconds to refocus after using a cell phone (3).
  • In the US, about 8 people are killed every day due to crashes that involved a distracted driver (4).
  • Over 1000 people are injured every day in crashes caused by distracted driving. (5)

What YOU can do:

  • Put down your phone!
  • Don’t eat while driving.
  • Do not drive impaired.
  • Stop if you feel tired.
  • Limit the number of people in your vehicle.
  • Focus on the road and your surroundings.

Stay safe everyone and remember to #justdrive !


(2), (3) & (5)


By: Aleksandra Mircevska



The female population is taught since an early age about the resources and precautions needed to take while, well- just living their life as a female. It is constantly the issue at hand for women to in constant awareness of their surroundings in any setting. It becomes a difficult challenge to accept that us as woman may often be in constant fear of our lives, when in the first place, everyone deserves to feel safe no matter which setting they may find themselves in.

Going off to college for the first time was where I felt the most unaware of my surroundings. A tactic I would take was trying my best to get to know my community better and the people that lived around me. There were many instances when I reflect about this time while being on my own, for instance: during the weekends when most students and people would be outside and socializing, myself as we all many other female friends and peers would often feel apprehensive to roam the streets alone, even if we already knew where we were going. Calling a friend or even parent while walking to a destination alone was not unheard of either. When I think back to all the times myself or other girls would take such precautions while going out at night, I cannot help but remember the feeling of subconscious fear that was in the back of my mind. No one deserved to have to feel unsafe in the neighborhood they are living in. Especially when that neighborhood may be the place you call home.

Life is often unexpected, and after hearing the experiences and or stories of many other females in society, having prevention’s to avoid any form of harm being done is how I have learned to protect myself, and to enforce safety for the others around me.

The safety checklist below is one I created. It helps to reassure myself mentally before going somewhere I may be unaware about, especially after daylight time. The safety checklist has continued to give me peace of mind and ensure protection before ever having to find myself in a dangerous situation:


  1. Always try to travel with a trusted friend or make sure to let someone you trust know where you are going before leaving the house. Find My Friends app. on the iPhone is also a great tactic for this!


  1. Map out beforehand where your destination is to avoid any unwanted obstacles.


  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help when out. Everyone can benefit from needing assistance in a pre-stressful situation in order to keep vigilance.


  1. Carry a self-defense gadget; invest in a Resqme’s DefendMe for you or a loved one.


  1. If you see someone in trouble or witness an alarming situation, call for help; avoid letting the bystander effect influence you to take action where it’s needed, it may benefit you and your community!

By: Aleksandra Mircevska


Getting a driver’s license is a monumental part of anyone’s life no matter which age. The freedom of having the skill of driving and operating a car is one we do not often give ourselves credit for. I think back to how my grandmother went her whole life not knowing how to drive or needing a car to get around. Each year, the percent of new drivers increase; traffic, construction on expanding more streets and highways often may result in more accidents involved with cars, which only becomes more present in a driver’s day-to-day life.

With now going on seven years of being a driver, I have reflected and narrowed in on seven essential points I wish I knew before I started driving. These points have helped me overcome challenging situations when I am about to step into my car!

  1. ALWAYS Check the Outside of Your Car.

Often times when we are about to start driving, once the car is started, we aim to hear any unusual sounds that may be coming from the car’s engine or interior. We often wait to see lights flashing on our dashboard indicating that there is a problem or unusual smells that may be coming from the car itself. With all of those key points being important, it is necessary to be as aware of your cars surroundings BEFORE turning on the car and headed towards your destination. There has been a handful of instances where I am halfway to my destination and my tires are appearing to be low and my car is flashing that a flat tire is or about to occur- which leads me to another avoidable obstacle I could have been prepared for. It is important to know where your car’s last surrounding area was in case any damage has been done to its exterior or interior. That way, in case of emergency or a need to file a report, the more details known will only better your reported case.

  1. Don’t Wait to Fill Your Gas Tank

Let’s be honest, filling your gas tank is a chore. I used to wait until the times my dad was checking-up on my car to make sure no “new” bumps and scratches have been attributed while using it, all while I toss the keys at him and run in the other direction to avoid having to fill the car gas tank myself. Once I started living on my own, I realized that filling your gas tank before it nears the flashing “E” for empty on your dashboard, saves you time and unwanted stress. Finding time while you are already in the car to stop on your way home to the gas station or making a point to go before a busy week gives yourself one less thing to worry about. I am sure we would all prefer to watch Netflix in a Tesla while our car electrically charges, but in the meantime, find pleasures in making your life easier when doing things early!

  1. Prepare A Playlist You Want to Listen to BEFORE.

These days when it comes to music, my favorite way to jam out to my favorite songs is while I am driving. Creating and listening to a music playlist has truly become an art form for many. Especially for when driving long or even short distances, music may often be the only thing that will put us in a better mood. With that being said- when you are in the middle of driving and you want to hear a certain song, preparing playlist or even podcast before you hit the road will lower you risk of an accident waiting to happen. Not to forget that checking any device while driving, if not already on some type of hands-free car-holder, breaks many driving laws. Feel the mood you’re in, and shuffle your favorite tunes before your journey of driving down the coast or being stuck in rush hour traffic. It may save yours and others lives by not getting distracted on the road. Whether you are listening to the song Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo or your favorite throwback song, always make sure to drive with ease!

  1. Keep a Mini-You Survival Kit in Your Car.

Most of us know how important is to keep a first-aid kit and or an emergency-car tool kit in our vehicles at all times, but have we ever thought about having a, what I like to call, a “mini-you” survival kit? Preparing a few items in your car that you know would be essential to YOUR everyday life will benefit in the long run when you are caught in moments of crunch-time. I know for myself, keeping items such as an extra jacket or cardigan, dry-individually wrapped snacks, travel size hygiene products, and even an extra blanket to use if I am feeling in the mood to sit and watch the sunset on my way home, help immensely with reducing driving stress. Having items which won’t take up too much space in your car may benefit when you’re in those times of need and use your vehicle as a mini home away from home.

  1. Going Above the Speed-Limit DOESN’T Get You There Quicker.

Take it from someone who was left-off with a warning for going a little too fast (aka ten miles above the speed limit) to tell you that speeding is not going to get you somewhere necessarily faster or “on-time,” and neither is it worth risking yours, or those you share the road with, life. We may not realize how fast we are going when in a rush to get somewhere or meet someone, but no one enjoys the feeling of seeing red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror and getting pulled over for speeding. Think about the times where you may have felt frustrated when a driver behind you was cutting you off on the road or tailgating your vehicle from behind, all due to them wanting to go faster than you. No one wants be in a situation that may result in making you even more late to a destination, or worse, an accident. Map out where the destination you are headed to is and use apps such as, “Waze” or “Google Maps” to give you predicted arrival times along with any warnings about the route, before headed toward your journeys end!

  1. Know Your Surroundings.

When driving around a place we have never, adjusting to your surroundings may take a while. I reflect back on to the first time I moved to smaller town from a big city and to my surprise, felt even more lost with all the small one-way streets and similar looking avenues. There I was, reassuring myself while driving that I won’t have to call my parents who are miles away to come save me.  I slowly learned when I am not going to a specific destination, driving around my neighborhood and town gives me immense insight about all the hidden gems I was unaware exist. Becoming familiar with your surrounding’s while driving has brought me a great deal of confidence each time I get behind the wheel. It gives me a safe feeling knowing where I am, and if I were to make a wrong turn somewhere or someone were to ever ask me for directions, I won’t feel as panicked. Using a GPS device or map navigator on your phone is always helpful when going to a new place, but think about how people got around before technology guiding us. Don’t be afraid to safely explore the world that is out there!

  1. Having a Resqme For Your Car!

Sometimes, it is the smallest of things that can make an impact on your life. I have firsthand discovered this when being caught in life-altering moments while driving. Since I started working for the company resqme, I discovered how having an extra reassuring tool with me at all times during my drives, has made a world’s difference. Having a survival device as the resqme® car escape tool benefits myself and others when in a situation no one wishes to find themselves in. Unpredictable moments can be unavoidable with a tool as the resqme®. Having it be easily accessible in a moment of danger, can save countless seconds that could impact the outcome of an unpredictable situation. With this safety tool, you can cut through a car seat belt and break tempered glass windows in a vehicle to prevent car entrapment. If is often after a life-changing situation do we see ourselves taking action to avoid being in a dangerous one again. Reminding myself of the mottos:  Safety First,” and “When Seconds Count,” before driving, which has made for life-changing impacts on myself and those I share the road with.

The resqme® comes in a variety of colors and having it in a vehicle or as key chain will only benefit the practice of safe driving and preparedness of an unavoidable situation. Invest in a resqme® and enjoy the ride that is life!





2020 has officially ended! It would be a euphemism to say it was a rough year. While it seems that we are still not completely there yet, it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding the current global situation. As you probably do too, we cannot wait until things finally go back to normal.

We want to thank you all, our customers, partners, supporters, and friends for all your support this year because, without you, we could not have made it. You showed up for us in a big way and for that, we are forever grateful.

Last year, we were lucky enough to be featured on the Southern Survival show on Netflix which gave us great exposure, to continue working with our longtime partners United Hatzalah, Kids & Cars, and Sdis78 in France, while developing new collaboration such as the one with Michelle from Safe in the Seat and many more. We consider ourselves lucky and we are humbled by the fact that resqme is still standing after 22 years.

In 2021, we plan on adding a few new items to our website and to provide you with the best customer service we can offer. We were able to fix our website issues so all is back to normal in and the ordering process should be a lot smoother! We want to thank you again for bearing with us and for your patience amidst these technical issues.

Here is to a better year for 2021! Happy New Year and all the best to you and your loved ones! As always, thank you for making safety your priority.

The resqme Team

Safety tips for Thanksgiving

If you are lucky enough to be able to be with friends and family for Thanksgiving this year amidst the pandemic, be sure to not let the joy of seeing your loved one’s override safety! Drinks, a huge turkey, the kids running around… hopefully all the necessary elements for a good time will be reunited! 2020 was not the best year but let’s still be grateful for what we have now!

  1. Celebrate responsibly

The obvious one. If you are going to celebrate, please do it responsibly, especially if you need to get behind the wheel. 1/3 of all fatalities during the Thanksgiving Holiday period in 2018 involved drunk drivers according to NHTSA (1). Thanksgiving is about reuniting with the people who count the most and it would be a shame to waste that because of an extra drink.

  1. Keep an eye on the children

Family time, yay! It is great to see your little ones enjoying the occasion but make sure you take the proper safety measures, especially if you have several potential troublemakers at home ?. It is probably best to keep them away from the kitchen, while the Thanksgiving meal is cooking and where many sharp objects reside.

  1. Make sure nothing is burning in the kitchen

Potato puree, the turkey, veggies and finally the traditional potato or pumpkin cake: there is no shortage of dish that will need to be put in the oven or to cook over the stove. While hosting, it can be easy to get distracted especially if you have a few people to entertain (and if you have a drink or two). Make sure you keep an eye on what’s cooking and set timers/alarms to prevent lunch from going to waste or to burn the house! In 2018, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 1,630 home cooking fires on Thanksgiving, the peak day for such fires (2). Unattended cooking was by far the leading contributing factor in cooking fires and fire deaths.

  1. Test the smoke alarms

Before the event, to ensure you are fully covered in case of emergency, make sure you fire detector alarms are working properly. Almost three out of five home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties with no (40%) or no working (17%) smoke alarms according to (3). To prevent such tragedy, set up regular checks on your installations. According the US Fire administration, smoke detectors should be tested once a month and batteries should be replaced once or twice a year (4).

  1. If traveling, set up defense systems to prevent break ins

If traveling to join family or friends during the long weekend, set up defense systems to protect your house from breaks in. A good strategy is to make the place look like it is occupied, even if it is not. Time-up lights to go on at certain times, keep a car in the driveway and have a trusted neighbor collect the mail, so your mailbox does not look overflowed. Also, a good alarm system is always a nice option to scare off any potential intruder.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy the well deserved Holiday!


5 Safety Tips For Halloween

  1. Be extra careful with children crossing

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events of the year because it is so fun! People get to dress up as their favorite characters and ghouls and ghosts will haunt the streets. Children and parents will be out in masses to hunt for these delicious candies and those who do not comply may well have a spell cast on them if they do not deliver the goods! Streets will be crowded, so if driving, slow down and ensure the safety of pedestrians whether they cross in between or outside the lines.

  1. Consider using flashlights instead of candles

Now is the time to gather with family and friends, eat tons of pumpkin cake and use your creativity and imagination to decorate the house. If you tend to go above and beyond with all things Halloween, we strongly recommend considering using fake candles or flashlights to lighten the porch or the living room in the safest possible way. Nobody likes their house burning on Halloween night so this will greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

  1. Watch out for children in dark clothing

Horror movies protagonists, superheroes, public figures… there is no shortage of characters to pick from to make a great impression and beat the competition on Halloween! However, some costumes may be very dark and difficult to see at night. Make sure to pay extra attention and spot kids who wear dark clothing to avoid any unfortunate accident.

  1. Celebrate responsibly

Halloween is the perfect occasion to gather with friends (when there is no pandemic, that is, or if you are lucky enough to live in an area that allows small gatherings). Time to have fun and do your best impersonation of Count Dracula or the Frankenstein creature! If going to someone’s place, make sure to designate a driver for the night and drink in moderation. Do not drink and drive. NHTSA has reported that 42 percent of all people killed in motor vehicle crashes on Halloween night from 2013 to 2017 were in crashes involving drunken driving. (1)

  1. Avoid driving if you can

There is far less worry to have on Halloween night if you can avoid getting behind the wheel. To fully enjoy the festivities, consider taking public transportation if leaving your place or walking if possible.


Top 5 things to always have in your car

Take good care of your car and you will drive it longer! Carrying a few items handy in the trunk can save you a trip to the repair shop and help you learn how to be hands-on checking some elementary things around the car.

  1. Scissor jack

Probably the #1 item to always have in your vehicle. If your tire blows and you have a spare, you will be able to change it yourself with the scissor jack, without having to call road assistance. With a bit of practice, you can change a tire in about ten minutes! If possible, make sure to park the car in a place where you can safely maneuver.

  1. Anti-tire puncture spray / compressor kit

This will be helpful if you do not have a spare or if you do not know how to change the punctured tire. Always having a compressor kit in your vehicle will allow you to proceed quickly and get back on the road in no time. Some are equipped with a gauge on top of the sealant and will allow you to fill the tire to the proper pressure. Still, do not forget to stop at the shop to get a new tire as the sealant action will last only a few days.

  1. Coolant

The coolant is a liquid whose purpose is to protect your engine from extreme cold or hot temperature, thus helping it run longer. It basically prevents the engine from both overheating and freezing. Not adjusting the level of coolant on a regular basis can lead to some expensive damage to the engine. There are different kind of coolants, specific to your car model so make sure to pick the right one!

  1. A resqme ® car escape tool

“Be prepared for emergencies” is our motto! As we always say, we hope you will never have to use it, but it is always good to be equipped for the unexpected. Our little seat belt cutter and window breaker does not take any room and can be placed on your keys or in various spots around the car such as the head rest, sun visor or even the gear lever. Compact and efficient, it can really make a difference if you find yourself entrapped in your car under the water or after a rollover. Remember though, it only works on TEMPERED glass!

  1. Jumper cable and battery charger

A must have! Nothing is more annoying than not being able to start the car because the battery is dead. With a battery charger you will not even need another car to recharge the battery. Hook up the positive and negative cable to their respective terminals on the charger and set to the slowest charger rate. Be aware though, that it can take up to a few hours to fully charge the battery.

What is inside the resqme®?

We all know the importance of being prepared in case of emergency. Having a resqme® or two attached to your keychain or strategically placed in various spots inside your car could make a difference in case of an accident and save your and your passengers’ life.

Many times, we get asked how the resqme® seatbelt cutter and window breaker works. How to test it, is it reusable, and what is the little metal ball on the tool for?

The resqme® is made from an ABS plastic body. It works thanks to a center punch mechanism that triggers a spring-loaded, stainless steel spike. This spike will shatter the glass of the side window of a vehicle when applied to its corner (it also works on the middle but may not shatter instantly and a few trial may be necessary, so we recommend using the corners). Be aware that the resqme® only works on TEMPERED glass as opposed to LAMINATED glass. The little metal ball should not be used against the window, it is the other end of the tool, the black head that will break the glass when pressed against it.

Here is a glance of what is inside the resqme®:


If you ever find yourself entrapped in a car:

  • Grab your resqme® and pull the black plastic clip to unveil the blade
  • Cut the seatbelt (if jammed) diagonally
  • Press firmly against the corner of TEMPERED glass window. Always choose the side windows as they are more likely to be made of tempered glass. Sometimes the roof window will also be made from tempered glass which is not the case for the windshield.

The resqme® is made in the USA. It comes in 6 colors, although we do have some limited-edition colors available here:

How to spot a copy quickly?

Beware of copies of the resqme® made from cheap material that may not work in case of an emergency. The original resqme® tool always has the actual resqme logo engraved on its side. Also, the keyring is black not silver.

Stay safe and prepared in case of an emergency!


We are living a period of uncertainty with a lot of rapid changes and restrictions in effect to ensure our health and our safety. While these are by no means fun times, the best we can do is to wait it out and it is in our power to make the best of it and stay productive and positive. Instead of thinking about what we are potentially missing, let’s think about what we have the opportunity to do. Maybe now would be a good time to work on that project you have been putting off for so long? Did you always want to learn new skills? Take advantage of being at home and dedicate a few hours per day for such tasks. Here are 5 things to do while in confinement:


As most companies are putting safety first, a lot of people now have to work remotely.  This will take a good chunk of your day, at least during the week, preventing you from boredom and keeping you in touch with reality and forcing you to have a schedule. Also, working from home can have its advantages: no commute and potentially sleeping in a few extra minutes. Take this opportunity to enjoy being around family and the vibe of your own house. What about listening to that playing that you are the only one to like at the office? No grumpy coworkers will tell you that they can’t stand it. Finally, without in person meeting and distracting phone call, now is the time to work on some projects that were put in the back burner! Be flexible and stay positive!


Nowadays, screens are everywhere. It is common for the average individual to spend more than eight hours a day in front of their computer and you have to add to that the time spent on phones. Needless to say, our eyes could use a little downtime from screens, given we have enough discipline to do it. How about taking advantage of this period of uncertainty to change your habits and pick up a good book? Rediscover the joy of reading paper and flip through pages instead of scrolling down a screen. It doesn’t matter if it is a comic book, a bestseller on how to become super successful, or a romantic novel, pick what you like and your mind will thank you.

Exercise at home

Most gyms are closed. Bummer! Yes it sucks but here is another chance to be creative and to diversify your workouts. Choose a body weight routine and do it in your living room or garden! Pick up your bike again and rediscover the joy of exercising in nature. Go for a run around the block if possible. Do online yoga classes and improve your mental health and your body! Check out your local gym website because some facilities offer free online classes. While being forced to stay at home a lot more, make sure to take care of your body to release the accumulated stress caused by current events. It will thank you for it and you will find yourself more at peace and able to better cope.

Time to clean/sort

If working at home, you may see from your improvised work station an ignored closet or junk drawer that is about to burst open. Maybe taking a few minutes to clean and sort what is inside doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. What about repairing this chair that almost killed your guest the other day because it is missing a leg? Or that shelve that cannot support more than 2 books? Now is the time to finally take care of the things you have been putting off for so long. When this period of restricted discretionary movement ends, you’ll be able to come out having it totally together! Also, by keeping your mind occupied with little tasks like that, you get things done and worry less.

Learn something new

Bars, restaurants, theaters, and concert venues are closing temporarily. Gathering with friends is getting difficult so entertainment options are now limited. However, you can turn this around to your advantage! Did you always want to learn a new language? Learn how to make croissant or pick up the electric guitar and become a mad axe-man? Get started right away and within a few weeks, you’ll be astonished with the progress you’ve made. Practice self-discipline, be confident that you can do it and more than capable. Think about the coming summer days when you’ll be able to proudly exhibit your new talents! You rule!

While awaiting for things to go back to normal, stay safe and healthy everyone!

Top 5 New Drivers Tips

New driver resqme car escape tool safety keychain window breaker seatbelt cutter firefighters driver license automobile cars sinking car car entrapment ambulance emergency

You just got your driver license, congratulations! Now, you have the freedom to go anywhere without asking your parents or friends for a lift. Independence and autonomy come with the ability to go from places to places by yourself, but it also comes with rules and responsibilities! Here are our top 5 tips for new drivers:

  1. Don’t drive impaired

The most important rule. The one that could change your life forever.  NEVER drive if you have consumed alcohol or drugs, no matter what kind of substance it is. Don’t give up to peer pressure that tells you: “it is not a long drive” or that “it was only a few drinks” and recognize the signs and environment that may lead up to such poor judgement. Think about the terrible consequences and practice the zero tolerance/zero drink approach when it comes to driving. Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 50 minutes (1).

  1. Check your speed

As a new driver, it is tempting to hit the gas to experience the road fever. Put your Formula 1 driver career aspirations aside and drive responsibly. Respect the road signs and speed limitation and you will find yourself at your destination safe and sound. Also, it is better to arrive in one piece 5 minutes later than not to arrive at all.

  1. Don’t take on too many passengers

Cars are designed to take on a certain number of passengers. Here again, resist peer pressure and only take on as many passengers as your car allows. Remember that in case of collision, the consequences could be dramatic, especially if there are not enough seat belts to ensure everyone’s safety. If something goes wrong, it is always the driver’s responsibility that will be engaged.

  1. Seat belt please

Buckle up, my friends! Seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,955 lives in 2017 (2). Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash and should be your first reflex when entering your vehicle. It takes only a second and then you can drive with peace of mind. A terrifying 47 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2017 were not wearing seat belts (3) so always put safety first.

  1. No cell phones

Pay attention to the road!  It can actually take you up to 27 seconds to regain full attention after using your phone or car’s voice-command system, according to a study done at the University of Utah.(4) Keep a few things in mind:

  • Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving.
  • 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.
  • Texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

So, this text can wait.



(1) & (2)



How to use the resqme®?

resqme car escape tool safety keychain window breaker seatbelt cutter firefighters driver license automobile cars sinking car car entrapment ambulance emergency

The resqme® is a great car escape tool but sometimes people get confused on how to use it. Now presenting the ultimate, most comprehensive and up to date guide on how to use our beloved lifesaving seatbelt cutter and window breaker keychain!

Where is the resqme® made and with what material?

The resqme® car escape tool is proudly made in the USA, in California to be precise! Its body is made of ABS plastic and its sharp blade in stainless steel. We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly which is why we are exploring new options when it comes to our packaging and the tool design itself.

Primary component and purpose?

The resqme® is designed to be a reliable, efficient and possibly lifesaving tool in emergencies such as car entrapment in or out of the water. It includes a sharp blade to be used to cut a jammed seatbelt and an inner spring-loaded mechanism triggering a spike to break a car window. This mechanism is designed to reload after each use (hopefully, you will never have to use it, not even once). The resqme® can also be used to break a window to save a distressed child or a pet that might have been left in a car on a hot day. Be aware, it only works on TEMPERED glass not laminated!

Where to place it?

There are a variety of places where you can put resqme® but keep in mind it must be securely attached, easily accessible and always within hand reach. Most people use it has a keychain so they can just grab it from the ignition if needed. If you have a keyless ignition system, make sure to place an extra resqme® on the door or on the window handle if possible. It is also very common to hang it to the rearview mirror (be aware it may be one of the first thing to go in case of a crash though) or even head rest so passengers of the vehicle can have access to it as well. For extra safety, you can also keep one in the glove compartment or on the sun visor!

How to cut a seatbelt with the resqme®?

In case of emergency, pull the resqme out of its clip to uncover the blade. Hold the tool between the index and the thumb fingers, with the black head facing upwards and cut the seatbelt diagonally. The blade is designed to cut a jammed seatbelt in a single swipe and can be reused multiple times.

How to break a window with the resqme®?

First, you want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with tempered glass window as opposed to laminated (to see what type of glass your car is equipped with, check the manufacturer stamp on the window). To properly use the resqme®, hold it between the thumb and the index fingers, press the head of the tool (black cylindric part), firmly against one of the bottom corners of the window, the spike will release, and the window will shatter. Also, be aware that the resqme® will only work on side windows and not on a front windshield. You can test the tool by the head against a notepad, and you will hear a “click”. It signifies the reset of the inner mechanism and verifies the tool works fine. You can also test it on a small piece of glass in a plastic bag as demonstrated in the video below!


The resqme is available in 6 trendy colors and in various combos. Stay safe out there and drive with peace of mind! Where do you put your resqme®?


resqme car escape tool safety keychain window breaker seatbelt cutter firefighters driver license automobile cars sinking car car entrapment ambulance emergency alertme anti drowsy driver alarm 90 db

There is no way around it, a long commute can be draining. If you drive for a job or if you drive to your office for more than a certain amount of time, you know how difficult it can be to do it in the safest manner possible. Therefore, it is important to set up little tricks that can help you stay more focused on the road and prevent accidents linked to drowsiness. Here are five tips to prevent fatigue during long commutes.

  1. Listen to a podcast/eBook/music

To avoid monotony and/or put your brain at work, a nice way to distract yourself while driving on the road is to listen to a podcast, an eBook and of course to some music. With the variety of topics that are nowadays offered by podcast apps, knowledge is at the tip of your finger. Maybe you need to perfect your foreign languages skills? And what about this interesting podcast on how to manage a successful career with parenthood? It is also always fun to listen to your favorite tune and rocking out to the sound of a classic album. Finally, the eBook format allows you to get a healthy amount of lecture without keeping your eyes off the road!

  1. Be organized to avoid additional fatigue

Prepare in advance and make sure you don’t run around trying to get everything ready for the trip the day you are hitting the road. It will prevent stressing out about things that should not be that stressful like packing or figuring out your itinerary. Try to do as much as possible before the actual day when you must be at the wheel for countless hours and you will find the drive a lot more peaceful.

  1. Wear an anti-drowsy driver earpiece to prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel

Of course, we don’t say that because we created the alertme® drowsy driver device ? but carrying an earpiece alarm is a comfortable and efficient way to enhance safe driving.  The 90-dB alarm will ring as soon as your head nods, a characteristic sign of drowsiness. Now you are fully prepared!

  1. Take a break when needed

Sure, you may have a schedule to follow but it is better to arrive late and safe than not at all. Sometimes, a quick 10 to 15 minutes nap is more than enough to let your nervous system and your body reset. Now you’re ready to hit the road again, all in safety!

  1. Do hand free phone calls

Hearing a familiar voice can be very comforting and help you pass the time, without being distracted in a dangerous manner. Check in on a friend or on family and put all this available time on your hands to good use, instead of just getting frustrated at the long commute. See? You are already there and up did not see time pass!

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