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How to use the resqme®?

The resqme® is a great car escape tool but sometimes people get confused on how to use it. Now presenting the ultimate, most comprehensive and up to date guide on how to use our beloved lifesaving seatbelt cutter and window breaker keychain! Where is the resqme® made and with what material? The resqme® car escape

There is no way around it, a long commute can be draining. If you drive for a job or if you drive to your office for more than a certain amount of time, you know how difficult it can be to do it in the safest manner possible. Therefore, it is important to set up

This past summer, 43 kids died of vehicular heatstroke1, the same as in 2017 (the number in 2018 was 58, the deadliest year ever) according to kidsandcars.org. This issue is becoming a growing concern and prevention efforts are increasing, advocates are getting vocal about pushing Congress to pass the Hot Car Act.  In addition, auto

Kids in hot cars

Summertime is here! June 21st marked the beginning of the summer with the return of the sun, blue sky, and warm weather. You may not know it but in Santa Barbara, it feels like our summer starts a little later because we experience “June gloom.” During most of the month, clouds fill the sky and temperatures

  Resqme, Inc. is proud to collaborate with Rescue 42 for the release of The Ripper™ Laminated Glass Cutter. Driven by the same mission, Resqme and Rescue 42 strive to make the most efficient, safe and reliable tools for vehicle rescue situations. Both companies have been in the automotive safety industry for over 20 years.

1. Lights malfunction You were taking your time on your way home and all of sudden, you see the police car behind you. Don’t panic, it is probably a routine control. A light malfunction is very common, and sometimes we are not even aware that one of our lights is broken. If you are driving

1. Be aware of your surroundings When walking in the streets, make sure you are alert and fully aware of your surroundings. Try not to scroll on your phone while walking as it distracts you from your environment and make sure you are fully focused and aware on what is going on around you. Being

5 tips when running alone

1. Listen to music at a reasonable volume When people run, they tend to blast the music to get an extra kick out of their session. Listening to your favorite tune is fun, especially as you can synchronize your pace to the rhythm of the beat and feel like you are almost flying (no exaggeration😊).

All right so 2019 is here! Happy New Year everyone! Here are 5 things to become a better car owner this year 🙂 : 1. Keep my car clean It is true that one can find many excuses not to keep its car in the best possible condition. “The weather is gross, so my car

Ah the Holiday season… that special time of the year to gather with family and friends and enjoy being together. The streets fill up with shiny decorations, people are in a good mood and the kids (and adults for that matter) have their eyes on the store fronts, hoping that Santa will bring them that

Ah, taking a family trip! Away from work, it is time to get ready for some fun and relax while heading to your vacation home. But is it really? Here is a top 5 of things to expect when driving with your kids. 1. Frequent bathroom stops It has been only 80 miles, but you

It is always a great reward for us when someone shares their story about how resqme helped save a life. We at resqme, Inc. are committed to increase safety for all drivers and passengers, and knowing that our products contributed to help a person in distress is making us proud. This week, we received the

As the summer is almost ending, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the firefighters who had a very busy last few months, especially here in California as no less than 4,587 fires raged since January1. Last December, the Thomas fire clouded the sky as it burned more than 281,893 acres of land

How to travel with your dog

America’s love for dogs is getting stronger and stronger. In 2017, there were 89.7 million dogs living in household as pets. Our furry companions make life more joyful. Now that summer is approaching it is time to plan your next road trip with your best friend! With a little bit of planning, patience and a

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