resqme® Car Escape Tool, Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

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Quick Car Escape Tool

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What is resqme®

Over 12 million motorists worldwide carry the resqme® keychain car escape tool, which is manufactured to keep you and your family safe while on the road!

This 2 in 1, safety and survival device, allows you to cut a jammed seatbelt and to break a tempered side window in your car while being portable and easy to carry around.

Originally developed for first responders (firefighters EMTs, law enforcement agencies);
resqme® has now become an essential safety solution for many safety-conscious individuals worldwide.

Main features

Made in USA – The Original • Breaks tempered car side windows • Cuts jammed safety belts • Compact, lightweight & powerful
The most reliable car escape tool • Resqme is a registered trademark licensed to resqme, Inc.

  1. PULL

    Pull from clip/blade protector.


    Cut seat belt at 45˚ angle.


    Press tool head to bottom corner of tempered glass window.

Where to place accessories

Now available, our Premium Accessory Package allows cautious drivers to literally place resqme® wherever they want for easy access when seconds count. Have a keyless entry car or too much junk on your car keys? Now, not only can you carry it on your keychain, you can also place it on your rear view mirror, sun visor or even your head rest.

  • resqmeIMG_0234-1 - Copy

    Hang from rear view mirror using the zip tie to allow for access for both driver and passenger.

  • resqme432

    Attach the visor clip (sold separately) to your sun visor, ideal for keyless entrance cars.

  • resqmeIMG-6955

    Attach resqme with key ring to easily reach while driving.

  • Resqme-142

    Hang from head rest using the lanyard to allow for access to back seat passengers.

Technical specifications


    3L x 1.25W x 0.67D (in.) | 7.60L x 3.20W x 1.70D (cm.)


    0.6oz | 17 gr


    ABS plastic | Stainless steel | Hardened chrome plated steel | Nylon

Frequently asked questions


Your purchase includes a 1 year product warranty. Attempting to use resqme® on any material besides tempered glass such as metal, laminated glass, etc. will void the warranty. Improper use of the resqme®, including using excessive force to pull down and release the tool, causing the clip guard to break, will void the warranty.


resqme® is designed solely for use in vehicular emergency situations and must not be used for any purpose other than rescue. Does not work on windshields. Only for tempered glass.

How to

Product Usage and Guidelines

PDF Instructions


Instructional Videos and Lifestyle Examples

Media Library

Only breaks tempered glass

When is comes to vehicle manufacturing, there are two main types of glass utilized; laminated and tempered glass. Tempered glass fractures into small chunks in order to prevent injury caused by sharp edges. Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of glass that are fused together by a sheet of plastic, making it harder to break in order to prevent ejections in an accident. The device will work on tempered glass only and not laminated glass. It is important to research the type of glass used in each of the windows of your vehicle(s) in order to equip yourself with the proper protocol to escape in the event of an emergency.

Beware of fake resqme® copies

The original resqme® tool is made in the USA. Resqme is a registered trademark licensed to resqme, Inc. Unfortunately, there are counterfeit copies of our tool available online, and we are working hard on having all counterfeit listings removed. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers so we want to spread awareness about these fake tools because they will most likely not work during an emergency. If you come across a resqme® tool and wonder if it is real or fake, please feel free to email us pictures and information at and we will be happy to confirm if it is the original tool.

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277 reviews for resqme® Car Escape Tool, Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

  1. Anonymous

    I bought these for “stocking stuffers” (adults of course)-they’re just right. I rec’d them quickly.

  2. Lee Shemuel

  3. Robert Brown

  4. Brian Chapman

    Great product

  5. Nick S.

  6. Verified Buyer

    The tools are very handy, hanging from our reasr view mirrors for easy access. I have no way to test them, but they look as if they may do what is necessary if they are needed. If they videos shown are accurate, they should work just fine – although they are fairly small, and handling small items like this under extremely anxious conditions may make it difficult to use them. Unless I can find a way to test them (other than on my intact car windows) I will give them a tentative 4.

  7. Verified Buyer

    Bought High Vis colors

  8. Verified Buyer

    If the card includes discussion on the different Mount options I wish they had been included.

  9. Omar Swartz

  10. Bryan

    Can’t review something I haven’t received.

  11. Elizabeth K.

    Arrived quickly to Canada. Happy to have this, hope I never need it. Thank you

  12. Robert Windle

    It is a lifesaver

  13. Anonymous

  14. Paula Green

    I tried to communicate numerous times to cancel my order immediately but my attempts were never returned ,.

  15. Rodney Wooten

    Quick service and the Car Escape Tool is small and handy so it is easy to keep were you need it.

  16. Lynn P.

    I haven’t had the chance to use the Resqme yet, but that’s the idea, right? Just to have it on hand makes me feel much safer in my car. And it’s very cute in the meantime!

  17. Anonymous

  18. Anonymous

    I didn’t receive two of the keychain hooks the instruction manual said this product came with.

  19. Anonymous

    Ordered July 10th, still hasn’t arrived. Tracker has said it’s in country since the 31st of July.

  20. Gena

    I saw this on the Missing TikTok. I ordered 3 for myself, my son and his fiance’. Hopefully we won’t ever need to use them but it is reassuring to know we all have them. They are great quality and shipped super fast.

  21. Barb H.

    Fast delivery. Clear & easy instructions. Important car safety tool.

  22. Anonymous

  23. Jessica Rudewick

  24. scott Cook

    Everything was wonderful send me some ill demonstrate them for them to buy.

  25. Vanessa C.

    Love it and pray I never have to use it!

  26. Elizabeth

    I feel safe knowing that this tool is safely within my reach in my vehicle.

  27. Kyle

    Tested them and they both work wonderfully

  28. David Kincaid

    Excellent product

  29. Casie

  30. Helen S.

    Still waiting for my purchase to arrive. Taking FOREVER

  31. Heather Dickey

    I bought a three pack on Amazon after watching a video where a woman fatally drowned after being stuck in her car for an hour while she waited for rescue to find her in a flooded creek. Had she been able to break her window and escape on her own, she might have survived. Her car was found in 5 feet of water, but rescuers couldn’t find her. The 911 operator was mean to her and didn’t listen when she gave her the best description of her location. She was a newspaper delivery person out on an early morning route. The resqme tool is well made, not cheap plastic like others I’ve seen. I like the break away clip that you can pull the tool off of wherever you hook it. I attached a piece of an old pool noodle to mine so it floats incase I drop it in a panic. I gave one to each of my kids who are new drivers.

  32. Chris N.


  33. Christopher Johnson

  34. Erin Hemmelgarn

    The product is fine. However, I specially ordered 5 Yellow but instead received white. Shame detail was not given to the order.

  35. Scott Hackman

  36. John DeChant

    I hope I never have to use them🐻

  37. Laura

    Sent 3 of the 7 I ordered in the wrong color. I ordered 4 black and 3 white, received 4 black and 3 yellow. Cannot figure out good way to communicate for exchange.

  38. Alexa

    I love this device: smart, compact, clever!

  39. Andrew

    Haven’t needed to use it, but I thought the price was fair, and love that it’s American made

  40. Anna

  41. Shelly Miller

  42. Angela Studzinski

  43. David

    Pretty small but should work (I hope).

  44. Anonymous

    I purchased many of these for family and the package arrived quickly. We haven’t needed to use them but they are here for an emergency.

  45. Michael

    Processing of my order and delivery was quick and efficient. This product gives me more peace of mind for me and my family.

  46. Cindy

    Nice for keys or passenger headrest.

  47. Bev Stover

    These were given away at a seminar. Very well received and appreciated. Seems like an excellent and expertly crafted product.

  48. Maria DeArman

    I have been wanting one for me and for each of my family members, after reading reviews about your product and watching YouTube videos about it, I finally made the purchase. I hope we don’t have to use it, but if we have the need, I will be glad that we have the tool 🙂

  49. Rachel Larichiuta

  50. William

    Without actually using this product it’s hard to review. But having a small tool, readily available in the event of emergency, and at a very affordable price seems like a very good thing.

  51. Brittany M.

    I hope I never have to use it but it’s a must have just in case! Came quickly and great price!

  52. Raymond H.

    Great little product. Elegant design.

  53. Dustin

  54. Jarod Young

    This is a great inexpensive product all cars should have.

  55. Malia

  56. Matthew C.

  57. Anonymous

  58. Debra Kreeger

    Nice and compact, hope I’ll never need to use it. Got 5 for other family members, too.

  59. Jane Coble

  60. Emily B.

    It makes me feel so much better having resqme in my car and the cars of those I love! Wonderful product!

  61. Alexa

  62. Anonymous

  63. Anonymous

  64. Rene Reyes

    I have personally used this tool to break glass and rescue a trapped person. Great tool that works 100%.

  65. MICHAEL S.

  66. William W.

    Really handy rescue can keepthem pretty much anywhere and they work!il continue to buy them and use them

  67. Patricia H.

    Purchased as stocking stuffers for adults to keep in cars for emergency needs. One was put to good use about a month after Christmas when daughter-in-law came upon a car wreck. She used it to break the rear window out to rescue a crying child from his car seat. Wonderful tool!

  68. Anonymous

    Tools look good.

  69. Tom Halseth

    I received no shipping information and tried to call today, but phone number rang busy. I did receive them later today which was very good.

  70. Sheran C.

  71. Anonymous

  72. Mickey Harris

    I am away and have not checked them out yet
    We plan on putting them in all our vehicles

  73. Anonymous

    I watched many YouTube videos on this product from many different, unconnected people, and everyone was impressed with it. I thought it may be useful for other people we can help as well. I hope to never have to use it, but it is nice to know if I do, it will work.

  74. Jessica Topper

    I haven’t received my order

  75. KAY Becker

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