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Do you know what to do in an emergency situation? Do you know what you would do if someone grabbed you or if your safety was in danger? A lot of people think about these questions on a daily basis, especially women, but don’t have a lot of answers to.

Even though the world can be a scary place at times, you can’t live your life in fear. Situational awareness promotes ways to identify, process and comprehend the world around you and help you determine the best way to react to emergency situations. The following is a self-defense guide to situational awareness:

Be Observant

Situational awareness relies on your observations. When you’re walking down the street, you should keep your head up (not buried in your phone) so you can see who and what are around you. Notice buildings, doorways, side streets, people walking by, what people are doing and everything else around you. A great way to practice being observant is to people watch. Take some time to sit on a bench and watch people as they walk by. Notice what they’re doing, who they’re with and what their behavior is like. You also should use all five sense, not just your eyes. Listen to what people are saying and the sounds around you. Pay attention to odd smells or if something doesn’t feel right.

Trust Your Feelings

Sometimes your brain can get in the way of situational awareness. You may be trying to absorb too many details or you may have something else on your mind that distracts you from the situation at hand. However, you often can feel when something is wrong before your brain has the chance to process the information. Pay attention to these feelings. If you feel afraid or nervous, stop what you’re doing to think about why you’re experiencing those feelings. Turn your attention to what’s around you and get yourself to a safe place.

Have the Right Tools

Being aware of your surrounding is a huge first step to protecting yourself; however, you need to have the right tools to take the next steps. If you’re in a dangerous situation, one of the most effective ways to defend yourself is to change your location and put as much distance between you and the danger. Make sure you have a charged cellphone and an unlimited data plan so you can call 9-1-1 or have someone pick you up if you’re in trouble. If you’re nervous walking home by yourself, have a cellphone buddy that you can call to talk to until you reach your destination. You also should invest in protection equipment, such as pepper spray or a personal safety alarm. Our new defendme® personal safety alarm comes with a piercing 120 dB siren that can be heard up to 300 feet, which is the size of a football field. If you’re confronted by a stranger, you can use the alarm to alert others around you that you’re in danger and need help.

new defendme

The new defendme by resqme, Inc.

Know How to React

Situational awareness helps you know how to react in an emergency situation. For example, if you need to run away from a stranger, you would be aware of side streets, open stores or restaurants and other possible escape routes. You also can call for help immediately or change your location before anything happens. Situational awareness could even help you recognize an attacker’s weakness or ways to identify them later on. The more you notice, the more opportunities you have to react quickly and efficiently.

And even if it might look a little bit intimidating, getting into a martial art is a great idea. Learning self-defense is more than a simple exercise. Some martial arts styles are quite physically demanding and “hands on” than others, which means you’ll be training and sparring with an opponent right from the start. You can find some help to pick the best martial arts for you here. And as a high heels wearer, you might even be able to use your stilettos as self-defense tools!


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Today our sincere thoughts are for the families and friends of those three amazing softball players from Dickinson University that lost their life on the Halloween’s night of the year 2009.  That night, eight years ago, Ashley Neufeld, 21, and two of her teammates, Kyrstin Gemar and Afton Williamson went on a late-night stargazing adventure in an SUV crashed into a farm pond in Stark County, North Dakota. Tragically, Ashley and her friends were unable to escape when the car became submerged in water and never returned from their adventure. To honor Ashley’s life and her passion for softball, a new softball complex was recently named for her and funded by donations made to the Ashley Neufeld Memorial Fund.

A field to play and remember

Ashley Neufeld Memorial

After many years of fundraising and hard work, the new Ashley Neufeld Softball Complex has opened. Thanks to the support of associations, local businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals in Brandon and the surrounding areas, the new softball complex includes four full-sized diamonds and four mini-diamonds for youth ages 4-12, a canteen, and washrooms. Over 500 people attended to celebrate its opening and honor Ashley, who is deeply loved and missed. The opening ceremony included a doubleheader featuring the Dickinson Blue Hawks versus the Mayville Comets.

Ashley’s parents Phil and Bev also constructed a granite memorial monument at the entry of the field in which a portion of Ashley’s ashes will remain. resqme, Inc.’s President Laurent Colasse promised them while he came and visited them in September 2015 that the resqme foundation will show its support for this project by donating the monument.

Ashley Neufeld Memorial

The Ashley Neufeld Memorial Fund, was originally founded by Ashley’s family members to make sure that no other parents will lose their child because of a drowning vehicle, so they thought the resqme® tool was a perfect fit for fundraising efforts because of its reliability and commitment to saving lives. Thus, the “Ashley tool” was born—a resqme® device bearing Ashley Neufeld’s name. Since the resqme foundation and the Ashley Neufeld Fund began their partnership, over 7,000 resqme® tools have been sold and over $520,000 has been raised in Ashley’s memory.

Most importantly, the Ashley Neufeld resqme® tool is saving lives and rapidly became the safety symbol for an entire community. The “Ashley resqme® Tool” has already been used in numerous incidents of vehicle entrapment in Ashley’s home of Province of Manitoba and has saved several lives.

We, at the resqme foundation, are grateful to help make a difference in others’ lives by making them safer on and off road. In honor of the eighth anniversary of Ashley’s tragic accident, we hope to continue to raise awareness about car safety and vehicle entrapment.

Find all the pictures of the event here.

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Enrick Duval resqme

This April, 2017, Enrick Duval celebrated his 15th anniversary at resqme, Inc. Originally from Paris, Enrick moved to California in 2000 after he received a Master’s Degree in business. Since his arrival at resqme, Inc. Enrick has been part of the company’s many changes and important milestones which means he knows a lot about safety and our company’s main product, the resqme® car escape tool. We talked with Enrick to find out what’s behind the compact safety tool that has sold over 4 million items worldwide.


What’s your role in the company?

During my first 10 years at resqme, Inc., I was the Sales and Marketing Manager. 4 ½ years ago, the company went through a major shift in its business model and I was appointed as the Director of Operations. Among my tasks, I am in charge of the coordination of the inventory, production and distribution processes while ensuring the smooth day-to-day business operations. I also keep learning! For 2 years, I went through intensive training with the APICS organization[1] and follow the CPIM program[2] and more recently, I have started my Six Sigma[3] training.

So you were there at the beginning!

Pretty much! Back in 2000, I was working as the Business Service Manager at the French American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles (FACCLA) and at the time, the President of resqme, Inc., Laurent Colasse, was one of the members. In 2001, Laurent Colasse was looking for someone to help develop and grow the sales department. So we met in Santa Barbara and had a lunch at his favorite pizza place! Laurent explained his project but at the time, I had other opportunities in Paris and in Dublin. But things didn’t work out as planned. During that time, I was still in contact with Laurent and when he offered me again the position, I didn’t let the opportunity pass. On April 2002, I moved to Santa Barbara and joined the team. It was meant to be!

Starting from scratch must be an incredible experience. Were you involved in the choice of the company’s name change, the logo, all of that?

Definitely and what a great experience that was! It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago the company was still called with its original name, Innovation Distributing Inc. Back then, we were doing business as NOV8., which stands for “innovate” and we had two main divisions: NOV8 Safety and NOV8 Promo.

The Innovation Distributing logo

The Innovation Distributing logo

Innovate logo

The Innovate logo

resqme, Inc. logo

The resqme, Inc. logo

Tell me more about the evolution of the company branding.

As the company grew, it was important for us to see how our brand could grow as well in the USA but also worldwide while reflecting our mission statement. The answer was right in front of our eyes and we decided to name the company after our best seller tool, the resqme®.

We worked on creating new designs for the logo. Even the spelling changed! We decided to put everything in lower case with a 3 branches cross. If you pay attention, the “me” is “safe” inside the cross. It was a major and a critical step in our development in getting a global brand. I think that if we would have kept our original company name, our business would have been totally different.

How would it be different?

Promoting a line of products with a company name easily identified and a powerful logo is key. Changing the company name to resqme, Inc. was a good move. Moreover, “resqme” tells a story that people can connect with. Most of our products includes the “me” that leads to consistency and create a sense of adhesion.

What do you like the most at resqme, Inc.?

It’s mainly about the fact that we are not only here to sell something. We have a mission and every day, we are doing our part to make life safer. Since the beginning, I personally feel a strong connection to the products and especially with the resqme® car escape tool and I am convinced that one day people will have the resqme attitude!

The resqme attitude?

Absolutely! Having a good attitude toward safety is key to be ready for the unexpected, don’t just wish for the best! I also think that it is important to increase awareness around you, especially towards your loved ones and friends.

Tell us more about the resqme car escape tool, since this is where it all started.

The resqme tool

The resqme® tool

The resqme is a compact powerful car escape tool with the specific purpose of helping save lives. For me, it is not a gadget! So our goal is to offer a high quality tool with a main purpose. I don’t believe in all those 5-in-1 safety tools that will distract you from the main reason why everybody should have a safety tool like resqme.

I have noticed that a lot of fake copies come with whistles, flashlights or other functions that the resqme doesn’t have.

Yes, that’s correct and actually that’s a choice we made! Companies often like to offer more and more features to a product, so the consumers feel like having it is a good deal. It might be true for some products, but when it comes to safety, I personally think that you need to get the best possible tool that will do the “job” when you need it the most. My two main mottos are, “less is more” and “don’t gamble with your life”. We want to make a real change in the community and keep growing as a professional and reliable safety company.

What would be challenging then?

I would definitely say that it is to keep the integrity of the product, and making sure that nothing can interfere with its quality. It could be from the manufacturing process, the supply chain and all the way to when the people have the product on hand. Our end users MUST have the best experience possible with our products.

Being in the operations, you have to literally think about everything that happens before and after the sale: from the choice of the plastic, to the quality of the blade, the steel, everything. Thanks to my 10-year background in sales, I have a good idea what the sales department is trying to accomplish daily and what ultimately our clients are looking for. This does help a lot. There is no room for approximations, which fits my personality since I have a strict methodology. Voice of the customer is key, so we try to meet their needs as much as possible. We have been selling over half million units per year for the past 8 years: that’s over 4 million people with the resqme on hands. It is rewarding to know that these people are safer with our tool.

Can you think of anything you would do differently?

The team at resqme, Inc., is always coming with new concepts, new ideas and inevitably we end up with too many projects. I wish we had more time to do more for the community.

What makes working at resqme different than working somewhere else?

The company, resqme, Inc. is a very small entity, operating with 15 team members. Working here allows me and everyone else to express their visions and ideas. The resqme attitude, starts right here with all the people working at resqme, Inc. Also, working in Santa Barbara is a blessing! I love it here. As a French American person, I can see that Californians people are very open to other cultures, including food! I am a foodie and love to cook! Here I can find pretty much find everything that I like! Finally, being surrounded by beaches, the Sierra Nevada and beautiful National Parks, I really enjoy traveling with my family and taking photographs of the landscape.

Where do you see yourself in the next years?

I definitely see myself with resqme, Inc. and who knows, for another 15 years! We have some many projects. Like the launch of a new company in France called, resqme Europe, SAS. We are also diversifying and our new project is to soon launch in conjunction with our safety app called “SOS resqme”. This is new and we are all up for the challenge.







Even if you drive one of the safest cars on the market and you always make sure your kids are correctly restrained in their car seats, there are dangers every parent and relative needs to consider. Terrible and preventable car related accidents and heat stroke cases kill a large number of children in the USA every year.

A car doesn’t have to be moving to be dangerous.

People don’t realize that a car in a driveway can be potentially deadly. Children are not aware of the danger of playing behind parked cars, and their size can make them impossible to be seen from your car’s blind spots, this can lead to a child being run over. Did you know that blind spots are a deadly flaw for most SUVs? There are also other potential dangers for children in and around a car: power windows, trunk entrapment, drowings, falls from motor vehicles, seatbelt strangulations, carbon monoxide poisoning, underage drivers… Remember to always keep an eye on your kids when there is a vehicle is present, and invest in the proper safety tools to help in case of an emergency!

Frontovers and backovers represent the two main causes of non-traffic fatalities for children age 15 and under[1]. It happens when the driver is moving and doesn’t see the kids standing in the blind spots in the front and in the back of the car. Be aware that the “blind zone” and “blind spots” got their name for obvious reasons: they’re the area behind, on the side and in front of a vehicle that the driver cannot see from the driver’s seat – and will not see if there is a child in those zones. “Two children every week are dying because they can’t be seen behind these larger vehicles that we’re driving” said Janette Fennell, the president and founder of the education and advocacy organization

To prevent these fatal accidents, it is important to teach children not to play in or around cars. The driver should also walk around the vehicle before entering and roll down the windows so you can hear if there are children present. Blind-spot mirrors are also a great investment to increase safety.

Heat stroke represent 16% of all of non-traffic deaths. Each year, an average of 37 children die from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside vehicles. Science show that everyone is capable of unknowingly leaving a sleeping baby in a car; this can lead to injury or even death. Stress or distractions are the main reasons people forget their children inside the vehicle. When children are locked inside a car, temperatures quickly rise, and they can get heat stroke. Learn more about the science behind the phenomenon of children forgotten in cars here.

If you see a child or pet left in a hot car it is important that you call 911. If you believe that the child is in immediate danger you should try to break a window to save the child. This can be done with a car escape tool like the resqme. Learn what to do here.
Kids and Cars resqme tool This article is mainly based on the research by  Prevention and awareness are key, so we proudly partnered with and are working hard to create awareness, and stop these preventable deaths from happening. Support the cause and get your KidsAndCars resqme tool here.




car moving dangerous
car moving dangerous
car moving dangerous


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