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deadliest highways

Here are four of the deadliest highways in the US, as well as a few tips on how to tackle them and still make it home in one piece. With more than 28,000 miles of land spanning from east to west, the U.S. highway system offers some of the most exciting and scenic thoroughfares in

car accident

There is a car accident every 60 seconds somewhere in the world, according to data from The National Highway Traffic Administration. It’s estimated that there are at least 5.25 million car crashes around the globe on a yearly basis. via GIPHY While car accidents like fender-benders and side-swipes are inevitable, there are a few things

tire pressure

Everyone knows tires are an essential component of vehicles. They are the only things that come in contact with the road; hence, the working of the vehicle and the safety of the people inside rests on the tires. Monitor your tire pressure to make sure your tires are always in good condition. The Problem of

brakes fail

We all hope that we will never have to deal with a mechanical malfunction while behind the wheel of a vehicle, but every driver should know what to do during an emergency such as when the brakes fail. While these situations might be rare, taking a little extra time to learn how to properly control

back to school

Back to School Season: Make Safety Your Priority this Fall The time to go back to school is just around the corner and school buses will be picking up kids and young people will be scurrying across streets to get to class before the bell rings. Traffic increases and parents are often guilty of running

car prepping

Would you be prepared if something went wrong while you were driving? We call it “car prepping” and luckily, just a few items can make you far more prepared should you encounter trouble on the road. So check out the 10 things you should always have in your car to guarantee you’ll be ready for

Gif of a guy playing flute while in traffic As you drive to and from work, running errands and shuttling the kids to school, you’ve probably seen your fair share of drivers doing really dumb things while driving. From women trying to put on mascara while doing 70 mph on the freeway, to men changing

In today’s bustling, white-collar economy, professionals (whether male or female drivers) are often at the mercy of the auto mechanic. The same can go for elderly drivers and even teen drivers. Empower yourself with the following five ways to spot a car repair scam. If you were to pay a repair garage $2,000 to have

Motorcycle Safety Guide for Beginners – What You Need To Know, Wear and Do as a New Motorcycle Driver Courtesy of the experts at: http://www.injury-solicitors.ie/ Motorcycle Safety Guide for Beginners – What You Need To Know, Wear and Do as a New Motorcycle Driver – Infographic acts as a cheat sheet to tell you, at

A car accident, no matter how trivial it is, is a scary experience for everyone. But a car accident while pregnant can be even more terrifying. Worst still, the trauma the mom-to-be experiences due to the accident can also affect the unborn child, putting his/her health and life at risk. While there are no exact

road trip

School is out and summer is the time when families hit the road together for that memorable family vacation. As you plan your road trip and route your destinations, make sure your car has the appropriate first-aid and emergency kit contents and do a maintenance double check to ensure your car is in tip-top shape

Flood Safety Awareness Recent flooding around the country claimed the lives of many folks who potentially had very bright futures. Flooding can happen in an instant, quickly overtaking your car, but often people ignore road closure signs and drive into flooded roads at their own peril. And when your vehicle becomes stranded in water, it

Your garage can be a killer! That’s an attention-grabbing claim, isn’t it? However, it’s not an exaggeration from a safety freak. It’s the truth, as statistics sadly show. People die in garage accidents all too often. Severe injuries are even more common. These tragedies are preventable. Here are six common causes of garage accidents and

car seat

Fitting Your Child Correctly in the Car Seat Although the laws concerning child car seats will vary between Western countries, they are all set out with the common purpose of maximizing the safety of young children, particularly in the event of a crash. The type of car seat that is most ideal for your child

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