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We are living a period of uncertainty with a lot of rapid changes and restrictions in effect to ensure our health and our safety. While these are by no means fun times, the best we can do is to wait it out and it is in our power to make the best of it and stay productive and positive. Instead of thinking about what we are potentially missing, let’s think about what we have the opportunity to do. Maybe now would be a good time to work on that project you have been putting off for so long? Did you always want to learn new skills? Take advantage of being at home and dedicate a few hours per day for such tasks. Here are 5 things to do while in confinement:


As most companies are putting safety first, a lot of people now have to work remotely.  This will take a good chunk of your day, at least during the week, preventing you from boredom and keeping you in touch with reality and forcing you to have a schedule. Also, working from home can have its advantages: no commute and potentially sleeping in a few extra minutes. Take this opportunity to enjoy being around family and the vibe of your own house. What about listening to that playing that you are the only one to like at the office? No grumpy coworkers will tell you that they can’t stand it. Finally, without in person meeting and distracting phone call, now is the time to work on some projects that were put in the back burner! Be flexible and stay positive!


Nowadays, screens are everywhere. It is common for the average individual to spend more than eight hours a day in front of their computer and you have to add to that the time spent on phones. Needless to say, our eyes could use a little downtime from screens, given we have enough discipline to do it. How about taking advantage of this period of uncertainty to change your habits and pick up a good book? Rediscover the joy of reading paper and flip through pages instead of scrolling down a screen. It doesn’t matter if it is a comic book, a bestseller on how to become super successful, or a romantic novel, pick what you like and your mind will thank you.

Exercise at home

Most gyms are closed. Bummer! Yes it sucks but here is another chance to be creative and to diversify your workouts. Choose a body weight routine and do it in your living room or garden! Pick up your bike again and rediscover the joy of exercising in nature. Go for a run around the block if possible. Do online yoga classes and improve your mental health and your body! Check out your local gym website because some facilities offer free online classes. While being forced to stay at home a lot more, make sure to take care of your body to release the accumulated stress caused by current events. It will thank you for it and you will find yourself more at peace and able to better cope.

Time to clean/sort

If working at home, you may see from your improvised work station an ignored closet or junk drawer that is about to burst open. Maybe taking a few minutes to clean and sort what is inside doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. What about repairing this chair that almost killed your guest the other day because it is missing a leg? Or that shelve that cannot support more than 2 books? Now is the time to finally take care of the things you have been putting off for so long. When this period of restricted discretionary movement ends, you’ll be able to come out having it totally together! Also, by keeping your mind occupied with little tasks like that, you get things done and worry less.

Learn something new

Bars, restaurants, theaters, and concert venues are closing temporarily. Gathering with friends is getting difficult so entertainment options are now limited. However, you can turn this around to your advantage! Did you always want to learn a new language? Learn how to make croissant or pick up the electric guitar and become a mad axe-man? Get started right away and within a few weeks, you’ll be astonished with the progress you’ve made. Practice self-discipline, be confident that you can do it and more than capable. Think about the coming summer days when you’ll be able to proudly exhibit your new talents! You rule!

While awaiting for things to go back to normal, stay safe and healthy everyone!

You just got your driver license, congratulations! Now, you have the freedom to go anywhere without asking your parents or friends for a lift. Independence and autonomy come with the ability to go from places to places by yourself, but it also comes with rules and responsibilities! Here are our top 5 tips for new drivers:

  1. Don’t drive impaired

The most important rule. The one that could change your life forever.  NEVER drive if you have consumed alcohol or drugs, no matter what kind of substance it is. Don’t give up to peer pressure that tells you: “it is not a long drive” or that “it was only a few drinks” and recognize the signs and environment that may lead up to such poor judgement. Think about the terrible consequences and practice the zero tolerance/zero drink approach when it comes to driving. Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 50 minutes (1).

  1. Check your speed

As a new driver, it is tempting to hit the gas to experience the road fever. Put your Formula 1 driver career aspirations aside and drive responsibly. Respect the road signs and speed limitation and you will find yourself at your destination safe and sound. Also, it is better to arrive in one piece 5 minutes later than not to arrive at all.

  1. Don’t take on too many passengers

Cars are designed to take on a certain number of passengers. Here again, resist peer pressure and only take on as many passengers as your car allows. Remember that in case of collision, the consequences could be dramatic, especially if there are not enough seat belts to ensure everyone’s safety. If something goes wrong, it is always the driver’s responsibility that will be engaged.

  1. Seat belt please

Buckle up, my friends! Seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,955 lives in 2017 (2). Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash and should be your first reflex when entering your vehicle. It takes only a second and then you can drive with peace of mind. A terrifying 47 percent of passenger vehicle occupants killed in 2017 were not wearing seat belts (3) so always put safety first.

  1. No cell phones

Pay attention to the road!  It can actually take you up to 27 seconds to regain full attention after using your phone or car’s voice-command system, according to a study done at the University of Utah.(4) Keep a few things in mind:

  • Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving.
  • 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States is caused by texting and driving.
  • Texting while driving is 6x more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk.

So, this text can wait.



(1) & (2) https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drunk-driving

(3) https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/seat-belts

(4) https://unews.utah.edu/up-to-27-seconds-of-inattention-after-talking-to-your-car-or-smart-phone/

Comment utiliser le resqme®?

The resqme® is a great car escape tool but sometimes people get confused on how to use it. Now presenting the ultimate, most comprehensive and up to date guide on how to use our beloved lifesaving seatbelt cutter and window breaker keychain!

Where is the resqme® made and with what material?

The resqme® car escape tool is proudly made in the USA, in California to be precise! Its body is made of ABS plastic and its sharp blade in stainless steel. We are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly which is why we are exploring new options when it comes to our packaging and the tool design itself.

Primary component and purpose?

The resqme® is designed to be a reliable, efficient and possibly lifesaving tool in emergencies such as car entrapment in or out of the water. It includes a sharp blade to be used to cut a jammed seatbelt and an inner spring-loaded mechanism triggering a spike to break a car window. This mechanism is designed to reload after each use (hopefully, you will never have to use it, not even once). The resqme® can also be used to break a window to save a distressed child or a pet that might have been left in a car on a hot day. Be aware, it only works on TEMPERED glass not laminated!

Where to place it?

There are a variety of places where you can put resqme® but keep in mind it must be securely attached, easily accessible and always within hand reach. Most people use it has a keychain so they can just grab it from the ignition if needed. If you have a keyless ignition system, make sure to place an extra resqme® on the door or on the window handle if possible. It is also very common to hang it to the rearview mirror (be aware it may be one of the first thing to go in case of a crash though) or even head rest so passengers of the vehicle can have access to it as well. For extra safety, you can also keep one in the glove compartment or on the sun visor!

How to cut a seatbelt with the resqme®?

In case of emergency, pull the resqme out of its clip to uncover the blade. Hold the tool between the index and the thumb fingers, with the black head facing upwards and cut the seatbelt diagonally. The blade is designed to cut a jammed seatbelt in a single swipe and can be reused multiple times.

How to break a window with the resqme®?

First, you want to make sure that your vehicle is equipped with tempered glass window as opposed to laminated (to see what type of glass your car is equipped with, check the manufacturer stamp on the window). To properly use the resqme®, hold it between the thumb and the index fingers, press the head of the tool (black cylindric part), firmly against one of the bottom corners of the window, the spike will release, and the window will shatter. Also, be aware that the resqme® will only work on side windows and not on a front windshield. You can test the tool by the head against a notepad, and you will hear a “click”. It signifies the reset of the inner mechanism and verifies the tool works fine. You can also test it on a small piece of glass in a plastic bag as demonstrated in the video below!


The resqme is available in 6 trendy colors and in various combos. Stay safe out there and drive with peace of mind! Where do you put your resqme®?


There is no way around it, a long commute can be draining. If you drive for a job or if you drive to your office for more than a certain amount of time, you know how difficult it can be to do it in the safest manner possible. Therefore, it is important to set up little tricks that can help you stay more focused on the road and prevent accidents linked to drowsiness. Here are five tips to prevent fatigue during long commutes.

  1. Listen to a podcast/eBook/music

To avoid monotony and/or put your brain at work, a nice way to distract yourself while driving on the road is to listen to a podcast, an eBook and of course to some music. With the variety of topics that are nowadays offered by podcast apps, knowledge is at the tip of your finger. Maybe you need to perfect your foreign languages skills? And what about this interesting podcast on how to manage a successful career with parenthood? It is also always fun to listen to your favorite tune and rocking out to the sound of a classic album. Finally, the eBook format allows you to get a healthy amount of lecture without keeping your eyes off the road!

  1. Be organized to avoid additional fatigue

Prepare in advance and make sure you don’t run around trying to get everything ready for the trip the day you are hitting the road. It will prevent stressing out about things that should not be that stressful like packing or figuring out your itinerary. Try to do as much as possible before the actual day when you must be at the wheel for countless hours and you will find the drive a lot more peaceful.

  1. Wear an anti-drowsy driver earpiece to prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel

Of course, we don’t say that because we created the alertme® drowsy driver device 😉 but carrying an earpiece alarm is a comfortable and efficient way to enhance safe driving.  The 90-dB alarm will ring as soon as your head nods, a characteristic sign of drowsiness. Now you are fully prepared!

  1. Take a break when needed

Sure, you may have a schedule to follow but it is better to arrive late and safe than not at all. Sometimes, a quick 10 to 15 minutes nap is more than enough to let your nervous system and your body reset. Now you’re ready to hit the road again, all in safety!

  1. Do hand free phone calls

Hearing a familiar voice can be very comforting and help you pass the time, without being distracted in a dangerous manner. Check in on a friend or on family and put all this available time on your hands to good use, instead of just getting frustrated at the long commute. See? You are already there and up did not see time pass!

This past summer, 43 kids died of vehicular heatstroke1, the same as in 2017 (the number in 2018 was 58, the deadliest year ever) according to kidsandcars.org. This issue is becoming a growing concern and prevention efforts are increasing, advocates are getting vocal about pushing Congress to pass the Hot Car Act.  In addition, auto manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware that, they too could contribute to make vehicles safer during the warmest months of the year.

Here is a list of car technologies and devices that will help prevent more hot car related deaths and will hopefully be available across all brands of automobile in the near future. We have also included a few items that may prove useful when it comes to child safety in vehicles.

  1. General Motor Rear Seat Reminder System: https://bit.ly/2yyaLRB 

The Rear Seat Reminder does not actually detect objects in the rear seat, but it works by monitoring the vehicle’s rear doors. If either rear door is opened and closed within ten minutes before the vehicle is started, or if they are opened and closed while the vehicle is running, the feature is intended to activate.

Once the vehicle is switched off, the vehicle is designed to sound five audible chimes and display a visual message within the instrument cluster’s Driver Information Center, which can help remind the driver to look at the rear seat before departing.

  1. Nissan Rear Door Alert System:  https://bit.ly/2mxNlsV 

Rear Door Alert activates anytime the doors to the 2nd row are opened and closed prior to a trip since it knows that something or someone is in the back seat and wasn’t reopened until after a drive is completed by the vehicle being put into park and the ignition being turned off.

First, you’ll see a visual warning to check the back seat for anything you may have brought along for the trip. If the system doesn’t sense that you opened either rear door after your trip is completed, then you’ll hear audible honking to remind you that something or someone was left in the back seat as you walk away from your Nissan.

  1. Hyundai, Rear Occupant Alert System:  https://bit.ly/2GGAYSJ

Hyundai currently offers two types of ROA systems to help prevent tragedies from occurring. The ROA door-logic system detects if a rear door was opened or closed before the car was started, then reminds the driver to check the rear seat with a message on the center cluster when exiting the vehicle. The Ultrasonic ROA has the door-logic technology and an ultrasonic sensor that helps to detect the movements of children and pets in the second-row seats. If the system detects movement in the second-row seats after the driver leaves the vehicle and locks the doors, it will honk the horn and send an alert to the driver’s smartphone via Hyundai’s Blue Link connected car system (if equipped with Blue Link and the Blue Link service is active).

  1. Kids and Cars app: https://bit.ly/2kX9osQ 

The Kars 4 Kids Safety app is designed to alert drivers when they leave their cars to remember there is a baby in the backseat. So, you can drive with peace of mind knowing we’ve got your back.

After a one-time easy setup, the app syncs with your vehicle’s Bluetooth to sound an alert when you leave the car, reminding you to take your child along. Personalize the app with a picture of your child and a customized alert ringtone.

  1. Eclip baby reminder https://bit.ly/2kPxBB8 

This simple device clips to your baby’s car seat, monitors the temperature and reminds you if you happen to walk away without your baby. It continually reminds you that your baby or young child is in the car; helps prevent you accidentally forgetting baby in hot car. In the event you leave your car without your baby, the alarm on Smartphone App will be activated within short distance of car.

  1. Evenflo: https://bit.ly/2yubwcJ 

This one is not so much related to hot car death but will still prove useful! If unfastened while driving, the SensorSafe smart chest clip will communicate with a wireless receiver to alert the driver that the child is not safely harnessed.

1 https://www.kidsandcars.org/how-kids-get-hurt/heat-stroke/

Enfants dans des voitures chaudes

Summertime is here! June 21st marked the beginning of the summer with the return of the sun, blue sky, and warm weather. You may not know it but in Santa Barbara, it feels like our summer starts a little later because we experience “June gloom.” During most of the month, clouds fill the sky and temperatures stay pretty much around 70 F. It gives us a good reason to really appreciate the hot summer days!

Unfortunately, with heat comes certain dangers and if you often drive with your kids, make sure to never leave them in your car on a hot day, even if you think it is only for a few minutes. It is important to be aware that a car’s interior temperature can rise approximately 40 degrees within one hour, even when the exterior temperature is only 72°F. (1)

Regularly, kids die from heat stroke after being left behind for a while or simply forgotten. According to our partners Kids and Cars, 52 kids died of heat stroke after being left behind in 2018. Sadly, this year, we are already at 17 deaths so far.(2)

It is unfortunately possible for parents to forget their kids in the car. Going with the flow of the day and following their routine, parents go to work or to their usual occupation, forgetting that the child is even in the car with them. “Forgotten baby syndrome” is not a negligence problem, but a memory problem, says David Diamond, Ph.D, a professor of psychology at the University of South Florida. “The most common response is that only bad or negligent parents forget kids in cars,” Diamond says. In reality, “It’s a matter of circumstances. It can happen to everyone.” (3)

To prevent such tragedy, make sure to always looks at the back seat when exiting your car and check out the Regardez avant de verrouiller tips list by Kids and Cars here: https://www.kidsandcars.org/how-kids-get-hurt/heat-stroke/

They also designed the Kars 4 Kids Safety app to alert drivers when they leave their cars to remember there is a baby in the backseat (https://www.kars4kids.org/safety-app/) .

By spreading awareness, we can help reducing the number of child’s death related to hot cars. Drive safe this summer!

(1) http://heatkills.org/how-hot/
(2) https://www.kidsandcars.org/2019-child-hot-car-deaths/
(3) https://www.consumerreports.org/car-safety/anyone-could-forget-kids-in-hot-car-forgotten-baby-syndrome/


Resqme, Inc. is proud to collaborate with Rescue 42 for the release of The Ripper Laminated Glass Cutter. Driven by the same mission, Resqme and Rescue 42 strive to make the most efficient, safe and reliable tools for vehicle rescue situations.

Both companies have been in the automotive safety industry for over 20 years. Rescue 42 was founded in 1995. Resqme, Inc. launched in 1998, introducing the original resqme® car escape keychain. Resqme and Rescue 42 are now joining forces to make sure First Responders, EMT, Police and Fire Fighters can work as fast as possible when it comes to vehicle extrication and saving lives.

In response to the recent passing of FMVSS 226, Rescue 42 recently launched The Ripper, a critical life-saving tool that cuts and removes laminated glass side windows in less than ten seconds. The Ripper also incorporates a resqme® car escape tool with a fastened clip to ensure quickness on the field in the event that the vehicle has tempered glass side windows instead of laminated side windows.

If a person is trapped in their vehicle for whatever reason, First Responders now have in their hands the perfect tool for a quick, efficient action, and saving precious seconds and lives. This is a great combination since The Ripper™ is designed to cut through laminated side windows while the resqme® is primarily designed to cut jammed seatbelts and break tempered glass windows. The resqme® blade is also able to cut the tether of a deployed side airbag, so it does not cause obstruction during extrication.

It is such a pleasure for us to partner with a company who shares similar values and has made their mission to create the best safety tools.

Ensemble, nous pouvons sauver plus de vies!

Find out more about Rescue42 and The Ripper laminated glass cutter here: https://rescue42.com/the-ripper/



5 choses qui vont vous arrêter

1. Lights malfunction

You were taking your time on your way home and all of sudden, you see the police car behind you. Don’t panic, it is probably a routine control. A light malfunction is very common, and sometimes we are not even aware that one of our lights is broken. If you are driving at night, in the fog or rain, not realizing your rear light is out, you may get pulled over. Time to get it fixed and take a trip to the mechanic!

2. Speeding

Okay so maybe you are in a hurry and you are hitting the gas a little too hard. But guess what? Speeding is dangerous especially if you constantly switch from lane to lane to pass other drivers. Being late for that so important meeting is better than ending at the hospital or worse. Be responsible and don’t endanger others.

3. Texting and driving

Bad choice. The person who texted you can certainly wait until you get home to receive an answer. It is funny how we feel the urge to look at our phone and answer right away after hearing the notification bell. Unfortunately, so many lives were lost due to texting and driving. According to the NHTSA, distracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in 2017 alone (1) …You know better than this! Pay attention to the road and don’t text and drive!

4. Drunk driving

Here my friend you have made a very bad decision when you decided to get behind the wheel after having one too many alcoholic beverages. You are not only being a danger to yourself but also to other drivers and the passengers of your car. Remember that driving with even a slight buzz is reprehensible and that your capacities and reflexes are impacted. You may get home safely but you can also end up spending the night in jail or worse yet, at the hospital. Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes—that’s one person every 48 minutes in 2017, according to the NHTSA (2). Don’t be one of them!

5. Bad luck

You were driving nicely being a real civil person, being courteous but that didn’t prevent you from hearing that disturbing and stressful siren behind you. Stay calm, be polite and you’ll soon be on your way!


(1) https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/distracted-driving

(2) https://www.nhtsa.gov/risky-driving/drunk-driving


1. Be aware of your surroundings

When walking in the streets, make sure you are alert and fully aware of your surroundings. Try not to scroll on your phone while walking as it distracts you from your environment and make sure you are fully focused and aware on what is going on around you. Being alert will help you react quickly in case of emergency. Also try to change up your typical route, as someone may have noticed you taking the same path over a certain period.

2. Let you family know by what time you will be back

If living with your family or significant other, make sure they know what your plans for the evening are and with whom you are going out. Are you going out with longtime friends, a date, or coworkers? Fill them in on what your plans for the evening are and let them know by what time you think you will be back so they can take immediate action if they don’t hear from you.

3. Carry a personal safety alarm or pepper spray

It is always a good option to carry a personal safety alarm ou a pepper spray to be able to protect yourself if ever attacked. Thanks to its loud siren, a portable alarm will quickly attract attention if you are under attack, while pepper spray will allow you to defend yourself if someone tries to harm you. Do a few rounds of practice occasionally to get comfortable using such devices and to be fully prepared in case of emergency.

4. Let your friends, coworker know how you are getting home

If leaving an office function or a party with friends, be vocal about how you are getting home. Are you just walking or are you taking public transportation, a cab, or an Uber? Letting your entourage know about this (plus assuring them that you will text them once safe at home) will help them notice if anything is wrong.

5. Trust your instincts

If you feel like you are getting some insistent looks or unwanted attention and start feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, don’t hesitate to change route or turn around to a more crowded area. You will then be able to ask for assistance if needed. If you feel like something weird is going on or if someone is following you, don’t hesitate to ask for help to bystanders or call for help. Better be safe than sorry!

5 conseils lorsque vous courez seul

1. Listen to music at a reasonable volume

When people run, they tend to blast the music to get an extra kick out of their session. Listening to your favorite tune is fun, especially as you can synchronize your pace to the rhythm of the beat and feel like you are almost flying (no exaggeration😊). BUT, it can also get you in trouble. If the volume is too loud, it makes it harder for you to hear what is going on around you in terms of traffic for one but also in terms of a potential treat. Make sure you can react fast by turning the volume to a reasonable level!

2. Carry a personal safety alarm

Carrying things can be annoying when running but some of them are necessary. As more and more attacks on female runners are being reported, gear yourself with a portable personal safety alarm that can easily attach to your clothes or on your keyset (Did you say defendme? 😉). This kind of tool will come handy in case of unwanted attention and equipped with a loud siren, they will scare off a potential attacker. As we say at resqme, “be heard, stay safe!”.

3. Be aware of your surroundings

It is probably best not to go for your run too late at night, so you can have maximum visibility on what is going on around you. Always remember to dedicate enough attention to the people around you so you can spot quickly if someone has ill intentions and if you need to ask for help to bystanders.

4. Tell your family/significant others where you plan to run

Always good to tell your family or friends which path you are going to take and how long your run usually lasts. This way your loved ones will make sure to react fast, should something unusual occur. There is also a variety of apps out there that will allow them to track your run in real time, check-in on you and make sure you are safe.

5. Enjoy your run

Of course, it is important to be careful and plan for a potential emergency but don’t forget to enjoy your run without worrying constantly! Take some time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and the shining sun (if like us, you live in beautiful Santa Barbara, although we are aware that sun is not exclusive to our city 😉) and get the most out of your session. You got this!

Bonus: if you want to kick butt during training, here is the resqme team running playlist that will guarantee motivation, performance, outstanding results and a beach bod (OK maybe not): https://bit.ly/2TAh7t2

D'accord, 2019 est là! Bonne année à tous! Voici 5 choses à faire pour devenir un meilleur propriétaire de voiture cette année:

1. Garder ma voiture propre

Il est vrai que l'on peut trouver de nombreuses excuses pour ne pas garder sa voiture dans les meilleures conditions possibles. “Le temps est mauvais, donc ma voiture va se salir bientôt","J'ai une semaine occupée", ou "Je suis simplement trop fatigué” Mais la vérité est que votre voiture durera plus longtemps si vous choisissez de vous en occuper comme un nouveau-né. Certaines personnes sont tellement amoureuses de leur voiture qu'elles la nettoyent tous les week-ends et, même si les voisins peuvent se moquer d'eux, c'est la bonne chose à faire (OK peut-être pas chaque week-end).

 2. Vérifiez la pression des pneus

C'est un gros problème et les gens ne réalisent pas à quel point il est important de vérifier cela, surtout si vous faites beaucoup de trajets. Un pneu qui ne subit pas la pression adéquate constitue un risque inutile et peut vous mettre rapidement en danger, ainsi que votre famille. De nos jours, il est facile d’acheter des appareils électroniques pour vérifier cela par vous-même, lorsque les pneus sont froids, juste avant de prendre la route.

3. Avoir les bons outils pour changer un pneu

La dernière fois que j'ai crevé un pneu, c'était au beau milieu du désert et c'était arrivé vers midi, le soleil brûlant regardant la scène. C'était aussi sur une route en montée et cela semblait être un bon moment et un endroit pour réaliser douloureusement que ma prise de ciseaux n'était pas adéquate du tout. Après une demi-heure au soleil, un bon samaritain est finalement venu à la rescousse. Laissez-moi vous dire que dès que je suis arrivé à destination, j'ai commandé quelque chose de plus pratique pour éviter d'être à nouveau bloqué. De plus, sachez que beaucoup de nouvelles voitures n’ont plus de roue de secours. Dans ce cas, il est sage de vous armer d'un spray anti-crevaison qui vous permettra de conduire jusqu'au prochain mécanicien. Une bonne option consiste également à faire appel à l'assistance routière tout en vous assurant d'attendre dans un endroit sûr si vous êtes sur l'autoroute.

4. Apprenez à vérifier l'huile

La santé de votre moteur en dépend et il est en fait assez simple de vérifier le niveau d'huile. Il suffit de localiser la jauge dans votre bloc moteur. Retirez-le, essuyez-le, puis remettez-le en place pour le retirer à nouveau. Maintenant, vérifiez les petits niveaux d’indication pour voir dans quelle mesure l’huile coule dans la jauge. Si l'huile est en dessous de la marque minimale, il est temps d'en ajouter. Tu l'as fait!

5. Arrêtez de manger / boire dedans

D'accord, c'est donc le matin et je termine mon petit-déjeuner en me rendant au travail, mais à la fin de chaque semaine, le nombre de bactéries et d'ordures dans ma voiture bat tous les records. De temps en temps, je renverse du café sur les sièges (et sur moi-même) en utilisant le frein de manière inattendue. Faites une faveur à votre voiture et à vous lever cinq minutes plus tôt pour manger à la maison. Sans parler du fait que manger ou boire dans votre véhicule détourne votre attention de la route et est dangereux.

Ah, le temps des fêtes… ce moment privilégié de l’année pour se réunir en famille et entre amis et se faire plaisir. Les rues se remplissent de décorations brillantes, les gens sont de bonne humeur et les enfants (et les adultes d'ailleurs) ont les yeux rivés sur les devantures des magasins, espérant que le Père Noël leur apportera ce cadeau tant désiré, enveloppé dans du papier brillant. C'est l'heure de l'arbre, des bas de Noël, de vos voisins qui décorent leur jardin et de leurs enfants qui construisent un bonhomme de neige à l'extérieur avec des branches et des carottes (à moins que vous n'habitiez à Santa Barbara comme nous). La meilleure partie est que partout où vous irez, les magasins joueront les mêmes vieilles chansons de Noël au moins 30 fois pour vous assurer que les paroles sont imprimées dans votre cerveau jusqu’à l’année prochaine.

C'est aussi le moment d'être reconnaissant pour ce que nous avons et pour les personnes dans nos vies. La famille et les amis sont précieux, et la période des fêtes est un rappel agréable de ne pas tout prendre pour acquis et de passer du temps de qualité avec nos proches.

Malheureusement, il est dommage que cette période de divertissement soit également liée à une augmentation du nombre d'accidents de la route et du nombre de victimes d'accidents de la route augmentant de 25% par rapport au reste de l'année. Au cours des 5 dernières années, 300 personnes en moyenne sont décédées dans des collisions liées à la conduite en état d'ébriété de Noël au Nouvel An. Rien qu'en décembre 2016, 781 personnes ont perdu la vie dans des collisions liées à la conduite en état d'ébriété, selon la NHTSA[1].

Même si le temps des fêtes est amusant et excitant, il est important de toujours se rappeler d'être responsable. Afin de continuer à célébrer notre union pendant les nombreuses années à venir, ne prenons pas le volant après avoir bu et restons toujours conscients de ce qui nous entoure sur la route.

L'équipe de la Resqme vous souhaite à vous et à votre famille une saison des fêtes en toute sécurité!

PS: Pssst… tu manques d'idée de cadeaux? Consultez notre guide de cadeau de vacances ici avec des cadeaux de sécurité pour elle, lui et toute la famille

[1] https://www.nhtsa.gov/drunk-driving/holiday-season-drive-sober-or-get-pulled-over

Ah, faire un voyage en famille! En dehors du travail, il est temps de se préparer pour le plaisir et de se détendre tout en se dirigeant vers votre maison de vacances. Mais est-ce vraiment? Voici un top 5 des choses à attendre lorsque vous conduisez avec vos enfants.

1. Arrêts fréquents de la salle de bain

Cela ne fait que 80 milles, mais vous avez déjà dû vous arrêter 3 fois. Premièrement, les enfants ont menacé de gâcher les sièges si vous ne vous arrêtiez pas immédiatement. Ensuite, le chien a commencé à montrer des signes de difficulté à tenir sa vessie. Enfin, quand vous pensiez être sur votre chemin pour parcourir 25 km sans autre arrêt, vous vous êtes rendu compte que boire ce grand café au lait de soja n'était pas une si bonne idée…

2. Dispute sur la musique à mettre

Bien que cela ne vous dérange pas d'écouter un bon vieil album de rock classique, vos enfants ne sont certainement pas réceptifs aux subtils riffs des Doobie Brothers ou des Eagles. Au lieu de cela, vous devez vous conformer et alterner entre les chansons radiophoniques pour adolescents et le thème de Dora l’exploratrice que vos 4 ans demandent à être jouées toutes les 15 minutes. Ce voyage sera probablement plus long que prévu.

3. La question récurrente «Est-ce loin?»

À moins qu'ils ne fassent une sieste pour vous donner un répit, vos enfants tiennent à souligner que ce voyage prend trop de temps et que vous devriez déjà y être. Est-ce un peu stressant, surtout que vous n'êtes parti que depuis une heure et qu'il en reste 3 de plus? Mais entre vous et nous, si vous êtes honnête, jusqu'où est-ce vraiment?

4. Maladie de voyage possible

Cette nouvelle randonnée que vous venez de recevoir est superbe! Et que dire de ces beaux sièges en cuir? Cela aurait peut-être été une bonne idée de les protéger avec une couverture, mais vous vous en rendez compte alors que vous nettoyez le petit-déjeuner du petit Tom, joliment réparti sur les sièges arrière.

5. beaucoup de plaisir

Très bien, alors même si vous devez faire face à tout cela, voyager en famille est une excellente occasion de s’amuser et de profiter de la compagnie de chacun. Découvrir de nouveaux endroits, regarder le paysage, rire beaucoup et passer du temps avec ses proches, vous savez que vous êtes une personne chanceuse

Bonne chance pour votre prochain voyage en famille!

C’est toujours une belle récompense pour nous quand quelqu'un raconte comment il a aidé Resqme à sauver des vies. Chez resqme, Inc., nous nous engageons à accroître la sécurité de tous les conducteurs et passagers, et le fait de savoir que nos produits ont contribué à aider une personne en détresse nous rend fiers.

Cette semaine, nous avons reçu le témoignage de Jack, qui a connu une situation de danger de mort lorsque sa voiture a été submergée. Il s'est retrouvé coincé dedans, la tête en bas et la tête sous l'eau.

Un samedi soir, à 2 heures du matin, Jack rentrait chez lui chez un ami lorsqu'un cerf a sauté devant sa voiture. Pour éviter de toucher le cerf, Jack dut rapidement faire pivoter sa voiture, ce qui fit basculer son véhicule dans l'eau d'un étang à proximité. Dans le noir et la tête sous l'eau, Jack était en état de choc et paniqué. Il a été capable de retirer rapidement sa ceinture de sécurité et a tenté de casser la vitre latérale avec son coude, mais ses tentatives ont été infructueuses. C'est à ce moment-là qu'il a pu apercevoir son porte-clés orange ressemblant à ses clés. «J'ai acheté cet outil un an et demi avant», a-t-il déclaré. Il enleva rapidement le contenu de son trousseau et appuya l'outil contre la vitre qui se brisa instantanément, lui permettant de s'échapper rapidement de la voiture et de se mettre en sécurité.

Jack nous a envoyé le message suivant: «Remercie Dieu pour cela. Je n'ai peut-être pas été en vie pour écrire ceci. Je ne peux pas exprimer ma gratitude. Je vous remercie."

Lorsqu'un véhicule est submergé, il ne faut que quelques minutes avant que la voiture ne sombre, il est donc important de rester calme et d'agir rapidement.

Voici les 3 étapes qui sauvent la vie, telles que décrites par le Dr Gordon Giesbrecht, au cas où votre voiture s’effondrerait:

1 - CEINTURES DE SÉCURITÉ - éteintes ou coupées

2 - FENÊTRES - en panne ou en panne

3 - OUT - si les enfants, du plus vieux au plus jeune

Heureusement, Jack a eu la bonne réaction et le bon outil disponible à sa portée et a pu sauver sa vie. Jack n'a subi aucune blessure suite à l'accident, même s'il reste un peu secoué par l'événement. Nous lui souhaitons un prompt rétablissement et espérons qu'il reviendra bientôt à sa routine.



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